Mukut Chakraborty

Mukut is a travel enthusiast, an optimist and believer of good things in earth (some call'em God). He's currently engaged with Accenture and Google where he manages his responsibilities as a digital marketer.

Ankurman Shrestha

A full-time student at the school of life, Ankurman Shrestha is a public health & wellness enthusiast, equally passionate about personal development, and life long learning. He once drove across 40 United States, doing pushups and raising awareness about the obesity epidemic. From fitness to tech tips, healthy recipes to productivity hacks, he loves to share his knowledge with the world through his writing.

Bhanusmita Banik

Bhanusmita is a Human Resource Professional and an eternal optimist who consciously chooses to always look at the bright side of life. She is utterly passionate about reading and loves to cheer her heart out for the Indian cricket team.

Bidhan Ray

Bidhan is a big time foodie with the favorite item on his menu being '5-day productive work-week' along with 'pure dedication' on the side. When he's off the grid, he loves to travel, race on his bike with crazy awesome friends and most importantly spend quality time with his inner circle. His life's motto - Be humble to everyone and never stop smiling.

Saikat Sengupta

Saikat is a digital strategist who likes to keep himself updated of the latest tech buzz in the online world. A startup enthusiast, he loves to indulge in good music and profound literature. When he's not working, he takes in charge as a dedicated volunteer for a non-profit based out of Kolkata, India.

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