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How to Make Your Android Phone Boot Faster By Removing Useless Startup Apps

Written by Raj

How to Make Your Android Phone Boot Faster By Removing Useless Startup AppsFew days back, I wrote an article on “How to Make Your Windows Computer Boot Faster By Removing Useless Startup Apps” and when I shared it on facebook then one of my friend asked me a question “how to do the same with Android, How to disable startup apps in Android phone?” Probably he was very frustrated with slow performance and longer boot time,which is undoubtedly very annoying and irritating if you urgently need your to use. One solution is to uninstall apps to free your phone’s resources, but if you do not want to do so then another good way is to disable some startup apps until you need them again. To do that, there are many free apps in Google Play which can help you to manage startup programs of your phone. You can disable all those apps which is not needed immediately and if you need them again then you can launch them manually. This helps to boot your phone faster also it can improve the overall performance of your phone. Here are two of such start up manager apps which can improve performance of your Android phone, just click the link and install it in your phone and disable all the apps you don’t need and you done : )

  1. Startup Manager
  2. Startup Cleaner

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