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How to Make Your Windows Computer Boot Faster By Removing Useless Startup Apps

Written by Raj

The average person wastes 1.6 hours every month watching their computer start up. That’s an astounding 5.5 million seconds over a lifetime or almost 64 days wasted waiting for a PC to boot.

When our computer is new everything works fast and smooth, but as our PC grows old, we install many apps which makes it very slow, especially those apps which runs while starting your computer. Your boot time tremendously increases with the number of apps running in background. You gotta wait for couple of minutes as all those programs and apps starts up in the background and many time its quite frustrating. Good thing is that, you can remove many apps from startup to make your computer boot fast, which may improve the overall performance of your computer. You may need some important startup programs, but most of the time we have way more programs running than we do need. There are many ways and solutions to improve your boot time but I would prefer not to mention all of them as it may only confuse you, I will only suggest you few of them which work really fine for me and can work for you too. I call it one stop ultimate solution, as with just a few clicks, it can speed up your PC start up and get your computer started faster. It helps to remove unnecessary start up programs from your boot and shave seconds, or even minutes, off your start up time. It tells you what are the apps installed in background of your PC and you can start your PC faster by delaying or removing these apps from the boot and if you are not

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sure which apps are required and which are removable then don’t worry Soluto helps you with that too. If you are not impressed with Soluto then you can try following two tips to speed up booting process of of your PC. How to Make Your Windows Computer Boot Faster By Removing Useless Startup Apps On Windows 8 In windows 8 its very easy to speed up the booting process as it has an option in its Task Manager where you can easily disable all those programs which are unwanted or slowing down your PC. Simply, right-click your taskbar and select Task manager. Click the More details option and click the Startup tab. You can choose which startup programs you want to disable. How to Make Your Windows Computer Boot Faster By Removing Useless Startup Apps On Windows 7 or later version. In windows 7 or later version, press windows + R in your keyboard to open Run. Type msconfig and hit enter which opens up system configuration, now click the startup tab. You can choose which start programs you want to disable, I generally disable all of them except dropbox as I need it just after boot up. How to Make Your Windows Computer Boot Faster By Removing Useless Startup Apps So, these were the few tricks which works for me to speed up the booting process, if you have some other tips then please do share in comments, I would love to try them.

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