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How is the new Pinterest Different?


Like Facebook and some other social media platforms, to keep it exciting and user friendly, Pinterest has come up with a new look which enhances the feel good factor of the site. The primary changes being;

Enhanced view of the highlighted Pin; It gives a lot more space to highlight a selected pin in larger format. Currently, the larger format is not available, a member can though see the highlighted pin in the middle of the screen, along with a description, the ability to comment, and some info on what interactions the pin has had.

More illustrations: The new format of Pinterest has a lot more information relevant to the pin which enhances the probability of more engagement and perhaps to repin or comment on more content. This would hold back more members to spend more time on the popular site.

Image Source given Importance: Pinterest would now show a thumbnail image of the profile of the originating board and has upgraded the hyperlink to the originating board that a particular pin came from.

Navigation Alteration: They’ve also abstained from the simple navigation links at the top of the page and have instead gone for slider tab at the upper left. When clicked on the tab down reveals a series of Pinterest image categories, along with pins from who you follow, and what’s popular across Pinterest.

Beta Test: Like other social media sites, Pinterest  to release this new version to a select few as part of a beta testing phase. There might be a few obstacles in the road and this would turn out to be the right platform to test and improve on the bugs for Pinterest developers.

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