Samsung Is Here With Its Second Most Anticipated Smartphone Of The Year

Written by Debasish

Recently Samsung showcased its latest offering in the Galaxy Note line, note 7 , why they jumped from note 5 to directly note 7 by skipping the logical 6 is a topic of hot debate, but I am saving the debate for some other time to discuss in the future. Let’s directly jump in the heart of the matter, let’s talk about the star of the show Galaxy Note 7, it is almost 12 hours past that the Note 7 got unveiled to the whole world, and right now it is the keyword (Note 7) of any discussion in the tech world.

The specifications are as follows –

5.7-inch QHD AMOLED display.

Dual edge screens.

Qualcomm 820 SOC for USA and China and Exynos 8890 octacore SOC for the rest of the world.

Ram, LPDDR4, 4 GB.

12-megapixel dual pixel rear camera for faster auto focusing with a large F1.7 aperture, for better low light photography and 5-megapixel front facing the camera with the same large F1.7 aperture. (simply borrowed from the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, though arguably the best smartphone camera on the earth currently).

IP68 Certified for water and dust resistance.

ARM Mali-T880 MP12 of Adreno 530 depending on the processor.

The Galaxy Note smartphones have been famous for their S Pen stylus. With Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has retained the pen-like locking mechanism which was introduced in the older Galaxy Note 5, but has improved its pressure sensitivity (4096 ways) and has included a smaller 0.7mm tip, added underwater writing capabilities.

Galaxy Note 7 phablet now comes with an iris scanner in addition to the fingerprint scanner for added security.

But, specifications apart, the note line of smartphones from Samsung are now loosing it’s distinctiveness by adopting too much of the Galaxy S line of Smartphones, unlike the earlier times up to the Note 4, to be very precise. Right from Camera, Look and Feel, UI, everything is all the same, though the Functionality of the Note line of Smartphones is becoming practical day by day.

Image credit : Darren Orf/Gizmodo

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  • Does it have a MicroSD slot? Removable battery?
    My guess is it may have the slot (though not for sure since that would be an entry point for moisture/dust), but I doubt they will include a removable battery. Makes phones like this usable for a year or two, but eventually usable life of phone will drastically drop without sending it in for a new battery….

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