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How To ‘EASILY and QUICKLY’ Take Screenshots With Samsung Galaxy S4 Or Any Other Similar Android Phone

Written by Raj

how-to-take-screenshot-in-samsung-android-phone-galaxy-s4Hey there, this is a quick post on how to take screenshots with Samsung Galaxy S4 or any other similar kind of Android phone like S3 and S5.

In post title, I have put ‘EASILY and QUICKLY’ in uppercase, and there is a good reason for that. I recently shifted from iPhone to Android phone and it took me a while to figure out “How to easily and quickly take screenshots’.

In iPhone, it is damn simple, with just one gentle press of power button (or hold button) and home button we can take screenshots. But in Samsung, I tried pressing standby button (or power button) and home button together, but every time either home button gets pressed earlier or standby button.

Also, with thick protective cover on phone, taking screenshot become even more difficult. Then with lots of trial, I learnt the trick.

How To ‘EASILY and QUICKLY’ Take Screenshots With Samsung Galaxy S4 Or Any Other Similar Android Phone?

To take screenshot easily and quickly all you have to do is following steps –

  1. Open the screen that you want to capture.
  2. Press standby button and home button together.
  3. Then keep HOLDING both the buttons till you get your screenshot.

HOLDING for a while is the trick, which no one told me.

Probably, you already knew this trick but as a iPhone user, it took me a while to learn it, so I thought I should share with you just-in-case if you struggle.

There are other ways like swiping with gesture but I prefer this method over that.

Image Credits: Samsung/Galaxy S4

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