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A) Background

Let me start with a background story of ‘PTE Real Exam Question Bank‘. After getting my perfect score in PTE, I started helping my University friends and taking private PTE tuitions to achieve their score.  But one of the biggest obstacles in preparing for PTE that I found is that, there are very limited resources of PTE to practice with. You can learn all tips and tricks from any coaching centers but until you rigorously practice them, you may find it difficult to get your desired scores.

Currently, there are only following resources available –

  1. Official Guide to PTE practice tests – 4 Offline Practice tests (Real Exam Simulation)
  2. Practice tests plus – 4 Offline Practice tests (Hardcopy/PDF version+Application)
  3. Macmillan Test Builder – 4 Offline Practice tests (Hardcopy/PDF version)
  4. Expert B1 Course book – 2 Practice Tests (Hardcopy/PDF version)
  5. Expert B2 Course book – 2 Practice Tests (Hardcopy/PDF version)

In total, there are only 16 Practice Tests which may be sufficient for some students who have good English background but the majority of student finds it insufficient. You can buy these practice tests in the official website of Pearson.

B) How are these real exam questions collected?

In the process of helping my Uni friends, I tried to collect more practice resources as what is officially available was not enough and that’s how I came to know about how we can collect the Real exam questions. Don’t worry, it’s not through any illegal source but through the memory of students + Google Search. You can also try this too; next time when you finish your PTE test, immediately take out your mobile and start writing all the keywords that you can recollect from the exam. For instance, DNA barcoding, eukaryotic cells, the war of talent etc. Then after coming back home try googling these keywords. You may find exact or very similar articles and videos. What PTE question preparation team does is that they refer to websites like, and many other, to make their questions. So far I have collected 563 real exam questions (as on 14/07/17).

C) How can these real exam questions help you?

Not only does real exam questions bank can help you with practice, but also if you are lucky then many of them may repeat in your exam. One good thing about PTE is that they have limited question modules and that’s why they keep repeating same questions with certain permutation and combination software algorithms. If you have given PTE test more than once then you may have realised that some questions have repeated from the last test. However, even if none of the question repeats it will definitely help you with your practice sessions.

D) How can you get access to Real Exam Question Bank?

Currently, I am offering these questions on a subscription basis with a small amount of one-time subscription fee. It is shared via Google Drive and you will have 24×7 access to latest updated question bank. Moreover, updates will be posted continuously as soon as I find new questions and you can have direct access to it. Also, please note that, you will get access for 6 months or until you get your desired score. Lastly, I would like to draw your attention towards its delivery format that, it is an online practice resource for which you would need laptop/tablet/mobile and the internet. Currently, there is no option for accessing it offline.

If you intend to subscribe to PTE Real Exam Question Bank, then you have to sign up here>>

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