Is Cell Phone Monitoring Technology Worthwhile?

There’s no doubt that the coming of cell phone spying app technology has made life so much easier. Business owners have a lesser risk of losing potential business opportunities if they keep their cell phones close. Moreover, now employers can keep track of the whereabouts of their employees and track their internet usage while they are at work, with the sole purpose of increasing productivity at the workplace. In personal life too, cell phone technology has come as a solution to so many problems. Spouses can keep in touch through the day, coordinate and plan daily activities, keep in touch with their children while they are away, and make sure their loved ones are safe.

Who are the Most Users of a Cell Phone Spying App?

Apart from the reasons for using cell phones, with technological advances, the online gaming experience has changed drastically. Children and adults alike become addicted to online games and download the apps into their cell phone for easy access. These sorts of cell phone activities prove to be major distractions and the cause of decreased productivity. Not just gaming, but excessive use of social media sites has also become a major concern for business owners.

Another side to the big picture is that while the majority of people are using modern technology and the internet to improve their lifestyles, some wicked people behind the scenes are using it to cause harm. Hacking has become one of the greatest threats online, espionage and cheating have become part of the competitive ideology, and at the same time, sexual predators, kidnappers, and blackmailers are using technology.

Who are the most vulnerable people with the most to lose because of technology? The answer is mind boggling, but Sarsonline confirms that everyone is at great risk, not just children, adult women, or adult men. The reason for this is that the majority cell phone users are android and iOS smartphones users.

Android and iOS Smartphone Users Stats

Here’s a graphical representation of the number of android smartphone users in the world from 2014 until 2019, according to statista. Based on the statistical facts below, there will be approximately 2,082.7 million expected Android device users in the world by the end of 2016.

On the other hand, it seems there are fewer iPhone users, with the figures being as low as 150.26 million. Based on this comparison, it is obvious that Android smartphone users are quite many, which explains why Google Play Store offers a larger number of apps. Due to increasing online security threats, a majority of cell phone users have been downloading monitoring apps.

Why Monitoring Apps are Worthwhile

Xnspy and similar monitoring apps allow users to remotely access the target’s emails, text messages, browsing history, internet messengers, installed apps, call logs, make screenshots, lock the device remotely, track the device and hence the target person’s current location through GPS tracking. This can help keep people safe and make sure they use their cell phones responsibly without letting it affect productivity at workplaces and at schools in the case of children.

Potential Victims of Online Threats

Not using mobile monitoring can make people vulnerable to predators and other harmful activities online. According to the same research by mentioned above, no ethnicity in the U.S. is safe. Sexual predators attack as many as 80% of cell phone users who are whites, 18.8% victims are blacks, 6.8% are from Asian Pacific areas, 34.1% are Alaskans, 3% are American men, and 24.4% are mixed races. Every race living in the U.S. has a minimum of 17.6% sexual assault victims who become targets via cell phone activities.

What Makes People a Potential Target?

While using cell phones has become an integral part of modern lifestyle, many users ignore taking security measures like installing a cell phone spying app. Sharing personal information like home address, social security number, family details, etc. People who readily take the risk of going on blind dates with complete strangers are also an easy target. Children below the age of thirteen and teenagers are also an easy target for online predators, cyberbullies, and kidnappers. Anyone who uses internet messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Line, and Kik, who text frequently, and call random people too often are at risk.
To wrap things up, people who are constantly using emails via their cell phones and who use the browser on their cell phone for online transactions are also at risk. Saving personal banking details, passwords, and login details on the browser is not a good idea, especially while using a public or shared Wi-Fi connection, even at work. With monitoring apps installed on target cell phones, business owners and parents can make sure that their target people avoid being careless with online activity and use their cell phones in the right way.


How to Install and Play Pokemon Go in India

Are you looking for a way to download Pokemon Go on your Android or iOS phone in India?

Since this game is only available in few countries and India not being one of them, you might get disappointed that you can’t play this game. Well, don’t get disappointing, here ‘s how you can download, install and play this game in India, both in iOS and Android.

How to download, install and Play Pokemon Go in Android

  1. Visit this link
  2. Download the APK file
  3. Go to your settings>Security and check “installation of apps from unknown sources”
  4. Once downloaded. click on it to visit the APK file
  5. Click on Install and you are set to play Pokemon Go on your android phone in India

How to download, install and Play Pokemon Go in iOS

For iOS the installation is slightly different but good god its still possible and nowhere near as hard as the roblox hack. So you can do it in two ways, the first is to borrow an Apple id and the second one is creating a new apple id alogether

Borrow Apple ID

  1. Ask a friend to share his Apple id and password who lives in a country where Pokemon Go is available
  2. Log out from your Apple id and enter his ID and password
  3. Now search for the Pokemon Go game on App store and download and install it
  4. Since its not your ID,  you ill have to sign out and sign in again with your own ID
  5. Reinstall again Pokemon Go from your saved files from cloud

Create a new Apple ID

Here’s the process is almost same, the only difference is instead of borrowing an ID, you create one by yourself

  1. Sign out from your Apple ID
  2. Go to setting and select General>Language and Region>Change region to US or Australia and or Canada
  3. Open App store
  4. Create a new Apple ID
  5. Add billing as None and select an Address of the country which you mentioned earlier
  6. Now search and download Pokemon Go
  7. Install Pokemon Go and sign out from this fake Apple ID and sign in to your original Apple ID
  8. Your installation will be lost but since your data is saved on cloud, you can install the game again.

Hope this helps, do play the game and let us know how you enjoy this.

How To Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp If Someone Has Blocked You

In last post I mentioned about how to find if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. Today, lets find out how to unblock yourself. It’s a simple trick that can come handy if you want to reach out to someone to clarify any sort of misunderstandings.

Following steps will unblock you, if someone has blocked you –

  • Go to WhatsApp settings
  • Click account and then click on delete my account
  • Go ahead deleting your account by entering your phone number and delete your account.
  • Afterwards, uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile.
  • Then, restart your phone.
  • Now, again install WhatsApp with same old number.
  • Once installed, you’ll get unblocked from all other accounts.
  • However, you’ll be removed from all your existing groups. So choose this method sparingly.

How To Find If Someone Has Blocked You On WhatsApp?

Have you ever tried to find out if someone has blocked you in WhatsApp? I hope you don’t have to be in that situation. However, there are various indicators that may tell you that, you are blocked by someone:

  1. Firstly, you will not to see their ‘last seen’ or ‘online’ status.
  2. Also, you will no longer see any updates to their profile photo. You will always find same old photo.
  3. Moreover, if you try to send any message to them, you’ll always see one check mark which is a message sent indicator. You will never see the second check mark which is a message delivered confirmation.
  4. Lastly, if you try to call them then it will not go through.

There is no direct way to know if someone has blocked you. But you see all these indicators then most likely that person has blocked you. And telling you that, he or she is really annoyed with you. However, often some people turn off all these four indicators for privacy issues. Hence, you may never know if someone has really blocked you or just avoiding answering your messages. But whatever is the reason, just try to get connected with the person through other ways to apologies, just in case, if any of your action has offended them.

How to clear all chats on whatsapp without clearing the special ones?

On Whatsapp if you clear chat, everything gets cleared and sometime you have to do it in order to save phone memory. But sometimes you also want to keep some special chats but clear other. Thanks to new update on Whatsapp, its possible now. If you don’t have an updated Whatsapp, go to playstore and update.  The process of clearing chat but keeping special ones is mentioned below

  1. Go to the chat you want to keep
  2. Touch and hold on the chat
  3. Keep touching as many as you want on that specific group or personal chat
  4. On the top you should see a starred sign, touch on that


5. If you want to clear chat for your entire whatsapp, follow the same process for all groups and individual chats. If you want to clear chat only for this group/person you are done.

6. Now there are two ways of clearing chats depending you want to clear your entire whatsapp or just for some specific groups or individual chats.

For entire whatsapp clearance

  1. Go to settings>Chats>Chat History>Clear all chats
  2. Check Keep starred messages and clear



For specific groups, individual chats

  1. Go to that specific chat
  2. Now touch on that 3 vertical dots on the top right corner
  3. Touch on more
  4. Clear Chat
  5. Check Keep starred messages and clear
  6. Follow the same process for other groups/individuals


How to read Whatsapp messages without showing Whatsapp blue tick

Whatsapp blue tick is a heck of a problem, right? Have you ever received a message on Whatsapp which you wanted to read so much but did not want to let the person know that you had read it. Have you ever cursed the Whatsapp blue tick ? So I have been researching about it lately for some reason and the most common solution I came across was Airplane mode or Flight mode. But I checked it by myself and to my surprise it doesn’t work at all. Even if you watch the message in Airplane mode and close Whatsapp completely before turning off Airplane mode, as soon as you connect to Internet, the sender sees the Whatsapp blue tick, hence not useful. So here’s my solution

  1. Go to Playstore and update your Whatsapp
  2. Now come back to Whatsapp and go to settings>Account>Privacy
  3. Uncheck the “Read receipts” option and you are all done.
Hide Whatsapp Blue Tick


Now even if you read any messages on Whatsapp , your sender won’t see any Whatsapp blue tick. The problem with this process is, its a two way process. So you will also not be allowed to see the blue tick. If that is not the solution you want, here’s one more solution for you. With this solution you will be able to see the Whatsapp message without showing the blue tick to your sender but you can see the blue tick as soon as someone reads your whatsapp message.

Just simply download another app from PlayStore, there are many apps , some of them are

  1. Shh, No Last seen or Read
  2. Blue tick, last seen hider

So just download any of this app, activate and follow instruction and you are all set.

Keep Whatsapping, secretly.

Get Microsoft Office 365 For Free

Yes, you can download Microsoft Office 365 absolutely for free. But catch is, only if you are a student or lecturer and have email ID which ends with EDU, say [email protected] or [email protected]

But wait, even if you don’t have student email address then you can get one for free from here>>

Once you get the student email ID follow following steps to get free Microsoft Office 365.

Step 1:  Check your eligibility

Get Microsoft Office 365 For Free 1

– Visit

– Click Find out if you’re eligible

– Enter your school email address to check your eligibility.

Step 2:  Sign Up

– You’ll get an email with a link to sign up.

– Complete the simple signup process.

Step 3:  Download & Install

Get Microsoft Office 365 For Free 2

– Sign in with your new account at

– Click install at bottom.

– In new page, Scroll down and again click on install button.

– A Setup Installer file will be downloaded.

– Click the setup file and follow simple process to install the Office 365.

Enjoy 🙂


Watch Youtube Videos without Buffering – Youtube Offline

Now you can watch as much video as you want on Youtube and that too without buffering. Doesn’t seem true? Yeah it is. Youtube very recently came up with Youtube offline feature where you can load the video when you have good internet connection (wifi) and watch it later. The video will remain there for few days and will be discarded from the offline list automatically you have don’t connect to internet. Only one stuff to remember, this one works only on Mobile for the time being.

Watch out this demo video by Youtube India


So the process is like this

  1. Get a wifi connection first
  2. Go to the Youtube video which you want to watch
  3. Now click on the download image and your video will be added offline










That’s all. Now you can go to your Youtube app later and watch the Video offline even if you don’t have an internet connection. To find this video open Youtube app, go to menu on the left bar and go to offline.

This is amazing, right?

How to Silent Whatsapp Group

Now a days Whatsapp has become the hub for all sorts of chatting, be it among school chatting, business chatting or whatever. So people keep adding their friends, colleagues, relatives randomly. Sometimes it becomes annoying when whatsapp keeps singing for every single update on the group and if the group is really big, it can be a terrible pain. But there’s an option to silent whatsapp group, read below

  1. Go to the group
  2. Touch the three vertical dots
  3. Touch Mute
  4. You can mute it starting from 8 hours to as long as 1 year
  5. You can also opt out from getting notification and once you visit the group, then only you will be able to see all new updates
  6. If the group is open already, it will still make the notification sound, don’t get confused, it won’t once you close the group.

Its pretty easy, right?


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Next Possible Updates For Whatsapp

With new and new competitors in the market, have you ever thought what could be the next possible updates for Whatsapp, specialy after being bought by Facebook? What possibly Facebook can do with Whatsapp? Here is what we think can be done (or may be already in progress)

  1. Video Chat: Since Facebook already has this technology and recently Reliance Jio Chat app introduced video chat, the next possible update for Whatsapp can be Video chat. Just imagine how cool that would be to do video chat with your friends over Whatsapp
  2. Facebook Whatsapp chat integration: This should be definitely come next. In fact we believe that rather than promoting Facebook should have integrated Whatsapp chat with facebook (something similar what they have done with Skype) so that people can whatsapp easily from facebook chat and vice versa.
  3. Mobile Payment: Since Whatsapp has become really big and people are still struggling with mobile payment, rather than introducing a new app, Facebook should come up with a solution with Whatsapp and for that they should keep these things on mind
    • Unlike Paytm people should also be allowed to withdraw money
    • Since Whatsapp is directly link phone number, people should be allowed to send money to any whatsapp account
    • The main problem lies in converting virtual money to real money. What if  Whatsapp can transfer that money to your bank account directly (may be with a nominal charge)
  4. Whatsapp should replace Truecaller: Since Whstapp also has the database and number of whatsapp users are far more than truecaller.

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Reliance Jio Chat Review

Reliance Just Launched Reliance Jio Chat (Messaging App)

We have done a quick brief review because you need to know if you should be using this. Lets talk about some extra features which you have never seen before –

  • Video calling -Reliance Jio chat app allows you to do video chat which so far was only allowed with hangout, Skype & Viber. Whatsapp and other messaging apps do allow calling option but video chat is the next level.
  • SMS – Remember Way2SMS? Reliance Jio chat app also allows user to send SMS to people who are not on Jio chat but there’s a limit which is 100 sms/month for all users which we believe is very low but still better than nothing.
  • Channel -Reliance Jio chat app also has few channels which you can follow to stay updated.
  • Contacts -Reliance Jio chat app shows all your contacts under contacts of this app and doesn’t wait till they come to Jio Chat.

Calling Review

We have tried the video calling and calling which worked pretty good. We used wifi and 3G both. Clarity of calling and video calling was good enough, in fact we were quite impressed by it. If you call someone, you can also add someone else to the same call and do a conference. The Video calling was smooth on wifi and 3G both. While other messaging app requires almost 600kb for calling, this app requires only 450kb which is again good.

SMS Review

Two major problems here

  1. The SMS gets delivered after 2-3 hours and not immediately
  2. It does not deliver the message directly, it tells the receiver that the sender has sent a message and if the receiver intends to receive it, he/she needs to reply “Y”. To me its a very complicated process and the probability of replying with a “Y” is very less.

Other Review

The look and feel of Reliance Jio chat app is average. You can send files and other stuffs to contacts which is expected. While cropping profile picture once you crop the image it should automatically increase so that you can crop better which doesn’t happen here which makes cropping a little difficult. You can change the background, which is cool. Though you have channels but we couldn’t find amazing content on those channels. We would have loved if they had some public chats like Viber.

Wise to migrate?

The one and only answer is whether your friends are there. Reliance Jio Chat app has better feature and once they launch Jio 4G in India, we are pretty sure they will try to promote Reliance Jio chat app but until and unless your friends are there, you wouldn’t go there, this is not very sensible but this is what happens. So the question comes to marketing and promoting. But is it wise to migrate from Whatsapp to Jio? We would say Yes but at the same time we believe Whatsapp will also have some cool features very soon and who knows Facebook integration, SMS and video calling can be part of their new updates.

Reliance Jio chat Rating: 3.5/5

Reliance Jio chat Review: Should give it a try, easy to use, video calling allowed

Download the Android app here and the IOS app here.

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Blinkist: An App For Life Long Learners

Do you love reading and learning from non-fiction books?

Or would you at least love to read it more often but run out of time throughout the day that you’re unable to keep up with that 20-40 min of daily reading recommendations by Tony Robbins, James Altucher, Ryan Holiday?

Then here’s an app that will help you exercise your brain and get your reading index higher day by day.

Introducing Blinkist

Blinkist is an app for tablets and smartphones that allows you to save time from reading the complete book from beginning to end without compromising on the important message of the book.

It condenses a non-fiction book to bite-sized compilation of chapters, called as ‘Blink’. The chapters do a great job to pass on the underlying content to you.

And it’s not a reason to stop reading books altogether, but a way to inspire yourself to get a taste of the sampler before you want to order the whole course.

Blinks aren’t meant to replace books. Blinks are made to be brief, so their very format keeps them from filling a book’s formidable (if imaginary) shoes.

You can select books in a wide array of topics viz, psychology, marketing, personal development, entrepreneurship, health, etc.

We read over 1,000 books per year for you and provide you with the most important facts – so you can do more, earn more and be more. All by spending less time reading.

Highly recommended to people who are passionate about life-long learning and want to instill their minds with invaluable knowledge that they can use in their personal lives to learn and grow.

Download Blinkist

The app is available for download in Apple itunes store and Google Play Store.

“Blinkist offers a terrific service – great ideas distilled down to their very essence. For those of us who are deeply curious about new ideas on success, happiness, innovation, progress and more, it’s a great start.” – Forbes

Give it a try with the three days free offer that allows you to scan and read through their huge list of non-fiction books.

Don’t want to pay?? You can still read one book a day that they offer you to access and read for free.

So what are you waiting for?

Go exercise your brain.

You were born curious. Start learning now!

Blinkist Banner

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