How To Download Facebook Videos

These days we tend to watch more videos on Facebook over Youtube. Mostly, they are shared by our friends or are related to our interest area. Many times, we come across videos that we would like to keep it for future use. One way of doing that is saving the link or sharing it in our own timeline. However, what if, we would like to share outside the Facebook universe? For that, we do have various phone apps and websites which helps to download these videos. One such website which works well for downloading Facebook video is

Steps to Download Facebook Videos

Step 1# You need the URL or link of the video. How to get that?

Right click on the date or time of the video and copy the link.


Step 2# Go to and Download

Enter the copied video URL or link in the input space provided in site and hit download

Select the video quality by clicking it and you are done.


How To Create Time Lapse Video With iPhone

I enjoy watching Time-lapse videos (like this one), I consider them work of art, it needs lots of patience and handwork to create them, You may need right technical skills and gears to produce such beautiful breathtaking videos which unfortunately most of us do not have. But don’t worry cause recently Instagram has released a new iPhone app called Hyperlapse with which you can create and share beautiful time-laps videos very easily without any hassle. Using Hyperlapse to create professional video is dead simple. Just open the app, tap to focus, and start recording. Once you’re done,

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a slider lets you speed up the video with options ranging from 1x to 12x speed, you can control over how fast or slow the video plays back. You can save your video to your Camera Roll also you can share it to Facebook and Instagram. Here is my first time lapse video that I created using Hyperlapse.

How To download YouTube Video To My Computer?

Free Youtube Video Downloader-logoYoutube has become the ultimate source of learning and entertainment, you can find almost everything which will help you to become what you want to be in true sense and all for free. You can learn anything from Guitar to Salsa moves, from cooking your favourite recipe to fix your phone. Also, these days, I hardly switch on to television as I can watch everything from video songs to my favorite soaps and serials, everything that is in TV is right there in Youtube.

But sometimes, due to slow or unstable net connectivity, it becomes difficult to learn new things specially when you have to watch it over and over again like in case of learning to play guitar. In such case best thing is to download the video and transfer it to your phone, so that, you can watch it anytime.
So, here are few tricks which I use to download my favorite Youtube videos.

Desktop Based Free Youtube Video Downloader

ClipGrab (Free)
It is one my favorite Youtube video downloader, as it is clean and simple. You can download your videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and many other online video sites. It converts downloaded videos to MPEG4, MP3 or other formats in just one easy step.

TubeBox (Free)
It is another cool free video downloader. You can search your videos from multiple sites, you don’t have to go to all the sites, all you have to do is just put your keywords, search and download, In a way it is more than just a Youtube video download tool. Its very compact. You can download multiple videos and also convert it into format for your PC, iPad, cell phone, etc.

 Web Based Free Youtube Video Downloader

Many times, we can’t access to desktop downloader say you are on some other’s computer or may be some other reasons, at that time web based downloader come very handy, two of my favorite web-based free youtube video downloader are following, You have to just copy the youtube URL, open one of the these site and paste it and start downloading.

ClipConverter (free)
Clip Converter is free, fast, easy and one of my favorite way of downloading my Youtube videos. You can download videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion, IMDB, Metacafe and many others video sites. Moreover you can convert your videos into MP3, other video formats like MP4 or MOV which is very helpful while transferring your videos to your phone.

For convenience you can use ClipConverter Browser Addon that adds a button on YouTube pages to convert and download videos directly. Which makes you able to download videos faster and more easily.

Keepvid (free)
One of the oldest, it works with almost all browsers, allows you to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, and many others. It also provides different formats and video quality options to download. But, problem with KeepVid is that, it runs in Java, so if you don’t have updated version of Java then it might not work for you and many times its pretty slow.

There are many other downloader but I prefer only these two as they are free and simple.