Private Auto Sharing Problem on Google+

We have a very active and big Google+ page where we engage our users. Earlier we used to post there manually but recently we have started auto sharing because of less bandwidth and suddenly we noticed a huge decline in engagement. We were wondering what could be the probable reason when I suddenly found out all these posts are shared privately.

The problem is when you connect a Google+ page to our website for auto posting, Google+ automatically sets the circle as private and you keep wondering why on the earth every time you publish on your blog it gets shared privately.

Basically you can not do anything about this on the website, you might end up checking every feature on WordPress, all settings of your plug in but the problem actually lies in your Google+ page. So this is how you solve the problem

  1. Go to your Google+ page
  2. Go to settings
  3. Scroll down and click on Manage Apps & Activities
  4.  Click on Google Tab
  5. Click where Private is written and change that to Public
  6. Save

That’s all. Now whatever you publish on your blog, it will straight go to your G+ users, publicly 🙂


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Next Possible Updates For Whatsapp

With new and new competitors in the market, have you ever thought what could be the next possible updates for Whatsapp, specialy after being bought by Facebook? What possibly Facebook can do with Whatsapp? Here is what we think can be done (or may be already in progress)

  1. Video Chat: Since Facebook already has this technology and recently Reliance Jio Chat app introduced video chat, the next possible update for Whatsapp can be Video chat. Just imagine how cool that would be to do video chat with your friends over Whatsapp
  2. Facebook Whatsapp chat integration: This should be definitely come next. In fact we believe that rather than promoting Facebook should have integrated Whatsapp chat with facebook (something similar what they have done with Skype) so that people can whatsapp easily from facebook chat and vice versa.
  3. Mobile Payment: Since Whatsapp has become really big and people are still struggling with mobile payment, rather than introducing a new app, Facebook should come up with a solution with Whatsapp and for that they should keep these things on mind
    • Unlike Paytm people should also be allowed to withdraw money
    • Since Whatsapp is directly link phone number, people should be allowed to send money to any whatsapp account
    • The main problem lies in converting virtual money to real money. What if  Whatsapp can transfer that money to your bank account directly (may be with a nominal charge)
  4. Whatsapp should replace Truecaller: Since Whstapp also has the database and number of whatsapp users are far more than truecaller.

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How To Share Photos With Selected People In Instagram?

If you love to capture the world through the lens of your camera, then you definitely be an avid Instagram user. With its amazing user interface, the app is just a delight to use. Not forgetting to mention, the filters it has which allows you to transform your image, giving it an artsy look. While you do love to share your travel, food, and other life adventures in instagram, it’s accessible for everyone to view. However, there can be moments when you want to share your pics with a selected few, Instagram just has the solution for you.

How To Share Photos With Selected People In Instagram?

1] Capture your image and run your artistic magic wand. 2] To share it with a selected few, click on ‘Direct’. 3] Now select the users from your friends list or include any username, with whom you want to share the image. Sharing photos with selected instagram users That’s it and you’re game. Now share your private-life moments with the selected few and don’t worry about it being accessible to the whole world. If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, had you ever noticed the ‘Direct’ feature? Follow me @ankurmans

Tips to Use Pinterest for Business

First and foremost do understand the basic fact that social media is NOT for Leads or revenue generation but its primarily for engagement and interaction which in the course of action may or may not result to Leads but if used properly, it will surely lead to brand awareness and publicity. Some of the tips that will help your Pinterest business profile are:

1. Add Details: Add categories, keywords, engaging captions, hashtags, urls to your pins.

2. Use Original Images: Pin original images and content from website. And if you’re using someone else’ image please give due credit to the site or blog. If possible also add watermark of your logo , this will continue to promote your brand whenever someone re-pins your image.

3. Integrate Pinterest Buttons: Integrate Pinterest share buttons with other social media platforms, say Facebook tabs, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn Followers to follow you on Pinterest! Integrate, integrate, integrate!

4. Check before Re-pinning: Check if the source is legitimate before repining any image. Do not bear the brunt of the mistakes of some other pin

5. Use Call to Action in your Pins: The images need to be not only eye-grabbing, but also offer the viewer something. How-to advice and tips, DIY, and recipes work well, as do calls to action.

6. Avoid Self Promotion : Pinterest does discourage blatant self promotion, find creative ways to promote your business . Try and create your own infographics.

7. Be Informative: Its not always about adding cute pics! Teach Pinners about something they want to know about. The Wall Street Journal created an informational board to help new Pinners understand the social network.

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Starting a Contest: Brands and companies can connect and build buzz among their audiences by hosting various types of contests on Pinterest. Contests can range from creating the “Best Board” to a earning the most Repins! (Image Source:

How is the new Pinterest Different?


Like Facebook and some other social media platforms, to keep it exciting and user friendly, Pinterest has come up with a new look which enhances the feel good factor of the site. The primary changes being;

Enhanced view of the highlighted Pin; It gives a lot more space to highlight a selected pin in larger format. Currently, the larger format is not available, a member can though see the highlighted pin in the middle of the screen, along with a description, the ability to comment, and some info on what interactions the pin has had.

More illustrations: The new format of Pinterest has a lot more information relevant to the pin which enhances the probability of more engagement and perhaps to repin or comment on more content. This would hold back more members to spend more time on the popular site.

Image Source given Importance: Pinterest would now show a thumbnail image of the profile of the originating board and has upgraded the hyperlink to the originating board that a particular pin came from.

Navigation Alteration: They’ve also abstained from the simple navigation links at the top of the page and have instead gone for slider tab at the upper left. When clicked on the tab down reveals a series of Pinterest image categories, along with pins from who you follow, and what’s popular across Pinterest.

Beta Test: Like other social media sites, Pinterest  to release this new version to a select few as part of a beta testing phase. There might be a few obstacles in the road and this would turn out to be the right platform to test and improve on the bugs for Pinterest developers.

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Pinterest : How to Get your Account Verified

On 25th October last year, Pinterest launched a new feature called “website verification” A very common feature with community sites, this feature was lacking in Pinterest till this time to allow and encourage more and more users. Once Pinterest had their baseline number of members, they started applying more rules to secure the site. This feature lets you verify that you own the website on your Pinterest profile. How to verify your website? verification

  • Visit your Settings page
  • Click on the Verify Website button.
  • One way to verify your website is to add an HTML meta tag to your website’s home page. If you can manage your website’s HTML, then you should be able to add an HTML meta tag to it.
  • Upload the downloaded file to your web server. Be sure not to upload the file to a subfolder, or Pinterest won’t be able to find it.
  • Complete the process by clicking the bold ‘Click here’ text you see on the verification screen.
  • Pinterest will then check your website for the HTML file they gave you, and verify it. You’ll see a success message once the process has completed. Now, instead of your profile looking like this:

Currently, Pinterest only supports top-level domains. Unfortunately, if your website isn’t a top-level domain, then you won’t be able to verify. This means that most eCommerce shop owners can’t verify right now. Though they promised to work on supporting more options in the future. You, as a member can also suggest Pinterest regarding varied verification options. Benefits of verification:

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