How to Sit In Correct Posture While Using Laptop To Avoid Back Pain Or Injury

I work from home office using my laptop and often I work for long hours without any break, I don’t have any specified office space or desk in my home, so sometimes I lie on bed, floor or sit against wall or on my couch. For a time it was good but these days I’m experiencing pain in my lower back and sometimes in upper back, although I workout daily really hard, still my back hurts a lot these days.

Then I realised I can no longer take my back for granted, I need do something to fix it and answer is I need to fix my posture while working. Whether we work from home or office, back pain and related problems are getting very widespread these days and there is no one to blame but only us, our wrong posture and lack of regular short break (ideally after every 30 minutes of work).

If you are facing similar issues while working then here are two video tutorials which offers very simple tips on how you can correct your sitting posture while working on a laptop to avoid back pain which may later lead to permanent injury if it is not acknowledged at right time.

How to use your laptop at home or office

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  1. I have a triple combo of SI joint dysfunction, L3 vertebrae kyfotic deformity and degenerative disorder of my lower lumbar spine, however this 2 min video essentially summed up what my doctor and physical therapist have advised.

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