How To Run Skype On Google Chromebook?

Yes, we all love Google Hangout but Skype has been here for a long long time. And we miss skyping with our loved ones on the Chromebook.

If you’ve been wanting to use skype on your Chromebook then you’ve come to the right place.

Let me walk you through the tutorial on how to run Skype on Google Chromebook.

How To Run Skype On Google Chromebook?

1. Enable App Runtime For Chrome: The App Runtime for Chrome (Beta) is a project that allows you to run your favorite Android apps on the Chrome OS. Google knew the demand from Chromebook users to use Android apps on the Chrome OS. Thus Google launched this project with the release of 4 Android apps that would work in Chrome OS.

In order to enable the App Runtime, you’d have to install one of the those four apps from the Play Store – Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words, or Vine. When you install one of these apps, it automatically adds the App Runtime for Chrome (Beta) which you can see in the Extensions.

App Runtime for Chrome

As you can see, I’ve installed Duolingo that automatically enable the App Runtime for Chrome in my Chromebook.

2. Download Skype APK: Navigate to this link and download Skype APK Version

Android Application Package or short-form APK, is the package file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google’s Android Operating System. To make an APK file, a program for Android is first compiled, and then all of its parts are packaged into one file. (Source: Wikipedia)

Psst… We have tested with this APK file and it works smooth.

3. Install Twerk on Your Chromebook: Twerk is an Android Application Package (APK) builder. In layman terms, it allows you to convert the APK file into a Chrome Extension. You can download Twerk from the Play Store using this link.

Twerk in Google Play Store

4. Create Skype Extension: Now comes the fun part. Follow these steps on Twerk.

  • Open Twerk.

  • Drag and drop the downloaded Skype APK File.

  • Select your settings (Phone or Tablet mode, Portrait or Landscape, Fixed size or scale).

  • Click on the Pink Android Button and choose your folder destination.

Twerk in Chromebook

Woohoo! You’ve just created your first Chrome extension.

Psst… You’d have to download the skype icon in order to use it for your extension. By default, it shows the Android robot icon.

5. Load Extension: Navigate to Extensions (Alt + E –>> More Tools –>> Extensions) and make sure Developer Mode is checked on. Click on Load Unpacked Extension and load the Skype extension that you just created in the above step.

Loading Extension in Chromebook

6. Click Launch: You should see the Skype extension as being loaded. Click Launch.


Running Skype in Chromebook

Skype Running In Chromebook

Give this a try and get back to us if you encounter any problem. We’d be happy to help you to skype with your loved ones on your Chromebook.