How to Install and Play Pokemon Go in India

Are you looking for a way to download Pokemon Go on your Android or iOS phone in India?

Since this game is only available in few countries and India not being one of them, you might get disappointed that you can’t play this game. Well, don’t get disappointing, here ‘s how you can download, install and play this game in India, both in iOS and Android.

How to download, install and Play Pokemon Go in Android

  1. Visit this link
  2. Download the APK file
  3. Go to your settings>Security and check “installation of apps from unknown sources”
  4. Once downloaded. click on it to visit the APK file
  5. Click on Install and you are set to play Pokemon Go on your android phone in India

How to download, install and Play Pokemon Go in iOS

For iOS the installation is slightly different but good god its still possible and nowhere near as hard as the roblox hack. So you can do it in two ways, the first is to borrow an Apple id and the second one is creating a new apple id alogether

Borrow Apple ID

  1. Ask a friend to share his Apple id and password who lives in a country where Pokemon Go is available
  2. Log out from your Apple id and enter his ID and password
  3. Now search for the Pokemon Go game on App store and download and install it
  4. Since its not your ID,  you ill have to sign out and sign in again with your own ID
  5. Reinstall again Pokemon Go from your saved files from cloud

Create a new Apple ID

Here’s the process is almost same, the only difference is instead of borrowing an ID, you create one by yourself

  1. Sign out from your Apple ID
  2. Go to setting and select General>Language and Region>Change region to US or Australia and or Canada
  3. Open App store
  4. Create a new Apple ID
  5. Add billing as None and select an Address of the country which you mentioned earlier
  6. Now search and download Pokemon Go
  7. Install Pokemon Go and sign out from this fake Apple ID and sign in to your original Apple ID
  8. Your installation will be lost but since your data is saved on cloud, you can install the game again.

Hope this helps, do play the game and let us know how you enjoy this.

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