How to clear all chats on whatsapp without clearing the special ones?

On Whatsapp if you clear chat, everything gets cleared and sometime you have to do it in order to save phone memory. But sometimes you also want to keep some special chats but clear other. Thanks to new update on Whatsapp, its possible now. If you don’t have an updated Whatsapp, go to playstore and update.  The process of clearing chat but keeping special ones is mentioned below

  1. Go to the chat you want to keep
  2. Touch and hold on the chat
  3. Keep touching as many as you want on that specific group or personal chat
  4. On the top you should see a starred sign, touch on that


5. If you want to clear chat for your entire whatsapp, follow the same process for all groups and individual chats. If you want to clear chat only for this group/person you are done.

6. Now there are two ways of clearing chats depending you want to clear your entire whatsapp or just for some specific groups or individual chats.

For entire whatsapp clearance

  1. Go to settings>Chats>Chat History>Clear all chats
  2. Check Keep starred messages and clear



For specific groups, individual chats

  1. Go to that specific chat
  2. Now touch on that 3 vertical dots on the top right corner
  3. Touch on more
  4. Clear Chat
  5. Check Keep starred messages and clear
  6. Follow the same process for other groups/individuals


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