How To Maintain And Tune Up Your Computer For Peak Performance?

how to keep your computer at peak performance

Recently one my friend she called me to help her with her computer, she told me that it is now a junk box, its terribly slow and nothing is working fine, which is giving her very strong headache.

Like any machine if we do not take care of it regularly then over time it can pick up clutter that can slow down your computer and if you don’t do it anything then it may even crash.

7 tweaks to keep your Computer at  Peak Performance

  1. Physical Cleaning –  At least once a 6 month. Open the case and blow out the dust. Most of them time you may get performance problems due to dust and blocked vents. Check if all cards, memory and drive cables are properly seated (make sure the power is disconnected and properly grounded to the machine before doing this).
  2. Uninstall Software – In every 6 months make sure to remove all unnecessary and unused software and programs.
  3. Clean Start up Menu – Hit Windows+R Keys and type msconfig, Click Startup, Remove items from the start menu that are not needed. Too many start menu items use system resources, and because they run in the background you usually don’t see them.
  4. Empty Temporary Internet files – Minimize the number of toolbars you run on your browser. Uninstall unnecessary addons and plugin.
  5. Defragment Your Hard Drive – In every 6 months, you need to defragment your hard drives and run error checking. Just go to All programs>Accessories>Systems Tools> Disk Defragmenter and defragment different drive one by one.
  6. Virus Scan – On a weekly basis, run your antivirus/antispyware software. Make sure to update your software every time you run it.
  7. Clean Registry Files with registery cleaning software.

If you do all these 7 tweaks then you may not get frustrated with your slow computer.

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