Watch Youtube Videos without Buffering – Youtube Offline

Now you can watch as much video as you want on Youtube and that too without buffering. Doesn’t seem true? Yeah it is. Youtube very recently came up with Youtube offline feature where you can load the video when you have good internet connection (wifi) and watch it later. The video will remain there for few days and will be discarded from the offline list automatically you have don’t connect to internet. Only one stuff to remember, this one works only on Mobile for the time being.

Watch out this demo video by Youtube India


So the process is like this

  1. Get a wifi connection first
  2. Go to the Youtube video which you want to watch
  3. Now click on the download image and your video will be added offline










That’s all. Now you can go to your Youtube app later and watch the Video offline even if you don’t have an internet connection. To find this video open Youtube app, go to menu on the left bar and go to offline.

This is amazing, right?

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