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The cloud storage war seems to have heated up between Microsoft and Dropbox this time. The Seattle based company is giving away 100GB of free cloud storage in OneDrive for all Dropbox users.

Yes, if you have a Dropbox account, then you are eligible for 100GB of free cloud storage in OneDrive.

I’ve made this simple for you. Just follow these steps and get rewarded with 100GB of free cloud storage. Instantly!!!

Steps To Claim Your 100GB Of Free Cloud Storage In OneDrive:

1] Go to this Microsoft link

Microsoft OneDrive Free 100 GB storage invitation


2] Click ‘Verify and get my storage’. You will be asked to login to your Windows Live account. Login with your correct live credentials and then give permission to the OneDrive app to access your account.

Login to your live account

3] Save the file to your Dropbox account. After you allow the OneDrive app to access your account, it’ll prompt you to login to your Dropbox account. And then, it’ll requests you to save a file to your dropbox account.

100 GB free OneDrive storage success


4] Pat yourself on the back. If you didn’t skip any of the steps above, you now have 100GB of free cloud storage in OneDrive.

Free 100 gb storage in Dropbox

You can login to your onedrive account and confirm your extra free storage. The 100 GB of free storage is available for one year, listed as “Enthusiast bonus”.

100 GB Free storage in OneDrive for dropbox users


Enjoy the extra 100GB of cloud storage. Make the best of it; take backups, save your high-def photographs.

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