Blinkist: An App For Life Long Learners

Do you love reading and learning from non-fiction books?

Or would you at least love to read it more often but run out of time throughout the day that you’re unable to keep up with that 20-40 min of daily reading recommendations by Tony Robbins, James Altucher, Ryan Holiday?

Then here’s an app that will help you exercise your brain and get your reading index higher day by day.

Introducing Blinkist

Blinkist is an app for tablets and smartphones that allows you to save time from reading the complete book from beginning to end without compromising on the important message of the book.

It condenses a non-fiction book to bite-sized compilation of chapters, called as ‘Blink’. The chapters do a great job to pass on the underlying content to you.

And it’s not a reason to stop reading books altogether, but a way to inspire yourself to get a taste of the sampler before you want to order the whole course.

Blinks aren’t meant to replace books. Blinks are made to be brief, so their very format keeps them from filling a book’s formidable (if imaginary) shoes.

You can select books in a wide array of topics viz, psychology, marketing, personal development, entrepreneurship, health, etc.

We read over 1,000 books per year for you and provide you with the most important facts – so you can do more, earn more and be more. All by spending less time reading.

Highly recommended to people who are passionate about life-long learning and want to instill their minds with invaluable knowledge that they can use in their personal lives to learn and grow.

Download Blinkist

The app is available for download in Apple itunes store and Google Play Store.

“Blinkist offers a terrific service – great ideas distilled down to their very essence. For those of us who are deeply curious about new ideas on success, happiness, innovation, progress and more, it’s a great start.” – Forbes

Give it a try with the three days free offer that allows you to scan and read through their huge list of non-fiction books.

Don’t want to pay?? You can still read one book a day that they offer you to access and read for free.

So what are you waiting for?

Go exercise your brain.

You were born curious. Start learning now!

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Download Links:

Apple itunes store:

Google Play store:

How To Share Photos With Selected People In Instagram?

If you love to capture the world through the lens of your camera, then you definitely be an avid Instagram user. With its amazing user interface, the app is just a delight to use. Not forgetting to mention, the filters it has which allows you to transform your image, giving it an artsy look. While you do love to share your travel, food, and other life adventures in instagram, it’s accessible for everyone to view. However, there can be moments when you want to share your pics with a selected few, Instagram just has the solution for you.

How To Share Photos With Selected People In Instagram?

1] Capture your image and run your artistic magic wand. 2] To share it with a selected few, click on ‘Direct’. 3] Now select the users from your friends list or include any username, with whom you want to share the image. Sharing photos with selected instagram users That’s it and you’re game. Now share your private-life moments with the selected few and don’t worry about it being accessible to the whole world. If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, had you ever noticed the ‘Direct’ feature? Follow me @ankurmans

How To Convert CR2 Image File To JPEG?

I was recently going through the pictures of my photoshoot and wanted to email a few of them as attachment.

While a 25 MB CR2 (Canon Raw) image attachment was out of the question, my brain immediately told me to convert it into a JPEG and then attach the compressed version.

The only problem???

Neither, Windows Photo Manager nor Adobe Photoshop 7 (Yes, I’m old school) would open it.

I found a lot of online converters but I ain’t no Creative Commons material.

A wise man said,

  Do What You Can With What You Have!

By default, I was left with Windows Live Photo Gallery to browse my CR2 file images.

Thus, I decided to find a way to convert the CR2 image file to JPEG using what I had.

A little digging around the Microsoft forums and I found the codec pack that would do the job.

How To Convert CR2 Image File To JPEG?

1] Download and install this Microsoft Camera Codec Pack (6.3.9721.0).

Psst…. The above link is tried and tested by us!

2] Open your CR2 image file using Windows Live Photo Gallery and click on Edit, Organize or Share.

3] Double Click and open your image file once again inside the editing tool.

4] Click on ‘Make a Copy’ and when it asks you to save the file, save it as .JPG format.

This is the simplest way to convert your CR2 image file to jpg or other low sized versions.

I’m pretty sure, this wouldn’t be a big issue for photographers but for a layman with minimal specs desktop or laptop setup, you can’t go wrong with the above steps.

Let us know if this was helpful to you in the comments section.


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RECITE: Now Create Beautiful Visual Quotes As Images In Seconds



Have you ever wanted to express your message as a visual image?

But then the whole idea of digging through the web, sorting background images and then working on Photoshop turned you off.

This can sometimes be a bit time consuming and at times when you need to mock up a creative visual image with your message in a short interval, you need something that’ll do the job in a snap.

Recite is just the service you want to use henceforward.

Whether it’s a poster with a quote or spreading your own message across to the readers in the form of an image, this insanely simple online service will allow you to do that within seconds.

Below, I’ve shared 4 out of their many creative background images that you can use.


RedSome - Recite This Create Beautiful Visual Quotes As Images In Seconds Sample 1



RedSome - Recite This Create Beautiful Visual Quotes As Images In Seconds Sample 3


RedSome - Recite This Create Beautiful Visual Quotes As Images In Seconds Sample 4


RedSome - Recite This Create Beautiful Visual Quotes As Images In Seconds Sample 2

And the bonus point, it’s FREE!!!

So what are you waiting for? 

Go make some ART, spread your message.

And if you thing Recite is cool, comment below.

Claim Your 100GB Of Free Cloud Storage In OneDrive Right Now

The cloud storage war seems to have heated up between Microsoft and Dropbox this time. The Seattle based company is giving away 100GB of free cloud storage in OneDrive for all Dropbox users.

Yes, if you have a Dropbox account, then you are eligible for 100GB of free cloud storage in OneDrive.

I’ve made this simple for you. Just follow these steps and get rewarded with 100GB of free cloud storage. Instantly!!!

Steps To Claim Your 100GB Of Free Cloud Storage In OneDrive:

1] Go to this Microsoft link

Microsoft OneDrive Free 100 GB storage invitation


2] Click ‘Verify and get my storage’. You will be asked to login to your Windows Live account. Login with your correct live credentials and then give permission to the OneDrive app to access your account.

Login to your live account

3] Save the file to your Dropbox account. After you allow the OneDrive app to access your account, it’ll prompt you to login to your Dropbox account. And then, it’ll requests you to save a file to your dropbox account.

100 GB free OneDrive storage success


4] Pat yourself on the back. If you didn’t skip any of the steps above, you now have 100GB of free cloud storage in OneDrive.

Free 100 gb storage in Dropbox

You can login to your onedrive account and confirm your extra free storage. The 100 GB of free storage is available for one year, listed as “Enthusiast bonus”.

100 GB Free storage in OneDrive for dropbox users


Enjoy the extra 100GB of cloud storage. Make the best of it; take backups, save your high-def photographs.

Isn’t this cool? So why won’t you share this with your friends.

Psst… What do you use your cloud storage for? Comment below.

How To Use Filezilla To BackUp Your WordPress Website?

If you’re a blogger or manage multiple website, it’s always a good thing to have a BackUp of your websites. You never know, those automatic BackUp plugins that you’d been using might fail on you. The most efficient manual way to do this is to access your FTP server directories and copy all the files. This tutorial will show you how to make a backup of your WordPress website using FileZilla.

How To Use Filezilla To BackUp Your WordPress Website?

FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client that gives you server access to your website. You can download the client for free. 1] HOST: This field is usually your website name. So goes in this field. 2] USERNAME/PASSWORD: It’s always handy to have your website’s FTP Username/Password with you. If you do not have yours then check out the following link to retrieve your website’s username/password.

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Website’s FTP Username/Password In GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

3] PORT: Enter ’22’ for the port number. After you have the required fields filled out, click on Quickconnect. If all the details you entered were correct, you should see your FTP directories being populated. 4] DOWNLOAD: Choose the disk/cloud directory where you’d like to take the BackUp of your website. Once you’ve selected it, right click on the home directory of your FTP and click download. It should start copying as shown in the picture below. Taking bakcup of wordpress site using FileZilla FileZilla is not only useful to backup your website but also when you may want to make some changes in your FTP directories or just create a new PHP file. Whatever the need, it’s always good to be able to have access to your website’s FTP. At times of critical emergencies like Internal Server Errors or Website Crashes, you can then go to your FTP and make the necessary changes and fix any errors.

10 Google Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts To Make Your Life Easier

Have you been using Google Chromebook for a while?

Do you ever get bothered that you have to go through a series of click to access the File Manager (Downloads folder)?

Guess what, there’s a keyboard shortcut for that and I bet you’d love to use it more often once you get it hooked onto your mind.

Below are 10 Google Chromebook Keyboard shortcuts that will make your life easier.

1.File Manager (Downloads Folder): Alt + Shift + m This takes you to your Downloads folder in the drive. Drag and upload the files to your WordPress site without having to go to your downloads list and then navigating to your file manager. This is really neat if you happen to access your downloaded files quite often.

2. Screenshot: Ctrl + window switcher – This takes a quick screenshot on your active browser tab. What’s even more cool is that you can take a partial screenshot using Ctrl + Shift + window switcher.

How To Take A Partial Screenshot On A Chromebook?

3. Task Manager: Shift + Esc – This gives you access to the task manager. You can force end a running task to free up some space and speed up your chromebook tasks. Google has done a great job to make it difficult for viruses to attack the Chromebook, still getting to know the task manager allows you to keep an eye on all the running processes.

Opening Task manager in Google Chromebook

4. CAPS LOCK: Alt + Search – If you thought that Google forgot the Caps Lock then you know by now that they didn’t. I personally use Shift + character key wherever Caps is needed. However, it’s still good to know that Google didn’t forget about this native keyboard button.

5. Minimize Window: Alt + – (minus) – This can be useful in a case when you find someone coming on to you by surprise and you don’t want the person to know about the secret project you’ve been working on. Just minimize your window with the above shortcut.

6. Launch Pinned Apps: Alt + 1 through 8 – You can use this shortcut to launch the pinned apps on your taskbar. Alt + 1 would launch the first pinned app which is often Google Chrome. If you guessed it correct, this would also maximize your Chrome window that you minimized above.

7. Page Up & Page Down: Alt + Up/Down Arrow – Navigate through a lengthy page using this shortcut.

8. Home/End: Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down Arrow – Yes, we all miss the Home and End button. Well now that you know the shortcut, you shouldn’t be missing it any more.

9. F1-F12: Search + 1 through plus sign If you wish you could refresh your page with the F5 button, click on ‘Search + 5’ and you have the solution.

10. Keyboard Shortcut Overlay: Ctrl + Shift + ? – This is actually the coolest shortcut as it shows all the possible keyboard shortcuts. Try it out and select your own useful keyboard shortcuts for Chromebook.

Google Chromebook keyboard shortcuts screenshot

Did you find this article helpful?

Please share with your fellow Chromebook users who could also make their life easier with these 10 keyboard shortcuts.

The Cost Of Insuring Britain’s Most Valuable Footballer -Wayne Rooney (Infographic)

Wayne Rooney from Manchester United most expensive insurance

This post first appeared on

All of us have insurance on at least a few of the important things in our lives (car and home insurance being the most common.) Vet these are hardly the only types of insurance out there. Celebrities and sports stars, for example, routinely insure the body parts that are critical to their success and earning power. Of course, this level of insurance comes at a steep price • it costs a lot more to insure Heidi Klum’s legs than your Ford Focus with One Sure. But how much, exactly? today, we’ll look at the cost of insuring Britain’s most valuable footballer:


Like any insurable asset, we begin by assessing what Wayne Rooney is worth. What is his market value? One measure is his weekly salary. According to The Sun. the 25.year-old football star re-signed with Manchester United en a five year contract that will pay upwards of £250,000 per week. Over the life of deal that equated to: £.65M (or El3)A annually.)


We can also assess Rooney’s market value by looking at his income from other sources as well. Although the football star does not totally disclose this figure (for obvious privacy reasons) the financial press has done a good job of estimating it. In September 2010, This Is Money tallied up not just Rooney’s salary, but also his image rights, publishing deals and commercial endorsements:

  • Image Rights £7.3M
  • Commerical Endorsement £1.83M
  • Publishing i £750,000


Another method underwriters use to price insurance policies is looking at comparables. or sirnilar assets in the marketplace. Insurance on a Lamborghini gets priced (somewhat) relative to insurance on a Ferrari. In Wayne Rooney’s case, we might look at David Beckham. another high•flying football star. Beckham has reportedly insured his ankle bone with Lloyd’s of London.

Though the value and premiums of Beckham’s policy are not published, they would certainly be consulted in pricing a policy for Rooney.


With a market value established, the question becomes what. exactly, are we insuring? After all, Rooney cannot just walk into Lloyds of London and insure “himself” as a whole. Like other celebrities, he can only insure specific body parts or appendages critical to his earnings. In Wayne’s case, what would likely he insured are his feet. ESPN provides an estimate.

Estimated Yearly Income €22.9M

Premium Body Part Feet

Injury History Broken metatarsal in right foot, June 2004 & April 2006; Broken metatarsal in left foot, August 2007

Insurance Quote €308,185



Malware Alert: Remove This Android Card Game ‘Durak’ From Your Phone Right Now

If you’ve downloaded the card game ‘Durak’ from the Google Play store, you need to delete it ASAP. Durak is one of the three malicious Android apps that had been lying in the Google Play store in front of a BIG audience. The app was first identified by an Android user who had posted about the adware in the internet security firm Avast’s user forum. Upon looking into the post, one of the folks from Avast dissected Durak and found the malware, thus informing Google which immediately removed the game from its store. After the first install, the card game behaves normally and resembles a working game app. But once you reboot your Android device, it comes into effect with a series of pop-up ads thrown on to your device’s screen, trying to lead you to third-party app stores. Flip Chytry from Avast says,

Each time you unlock your device an ad is presented to you, warning you about a problem, e.g. that your device is infected, out of date or full of porn. This, of course, is a complete lie. You are then asked to take action, however, if you approve you get re-directed to harmful threats on fake pages, like dubious app stores and apps that attempt to send premium SMS behind your back or to apps that simply collect too much of your data for comfort while offering you no additional value.

A rule of thumb – when you notice anything weird happening on your phone, remove any new application that you’ve downloaded from the app store. Thus, if you’re one among the 5 million Android users who’d downloaded Durak, please take immediate actions if you haven’t already. Malicious apps aren’t a new thing to come by but it’s something to look into if the app has found its way into Google apps store. Because it then has the potential to harm the global Android market, thus giving a big hit to Google. So please, if you had accidentally installed the game on your Android device and have been noticing something weird going on with your phone, then take immediate actions. Go to your phone Settings –> navigate to Apps –> Tap on to Durak

and click on Uninstall. If you encounter anything like above in the future, please don’t panic. At RedSome, we provide you with insanely simple solutions to all your tech related problems. If there’s something you’ve been trying to find a solution for, please feel free to knock on our door. Pssst… Can you find the Knock Knock!! button on the screen?


36 Questions In Love

The New York Times lists 36 questions you can ask someone if you want to fall in love (Or make your love even stronger.)

If you happen to be in a relationship, check out 36 Questions In Love. This is a fun little way to spark a deeper conversation or fall deeper in love with your significant other.

After going through all the questions, you might end up with valuable information to strengthen your love.

So grab some wine (water is also fine), sit down with your loved one and get started.

Because at RedSome, we believe that sometimes you just need a break from all this productivity, creativity and life-hacking.

NY Times Dr Alan 36 Questions to fall in love

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Website’s FTP Username/Password In GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

There are several cases when you need access to your website’s FTP Username/Password to make changes at the server level. If you have hosted your website before then you should be aware of cPanel (short for control panel) that stores information like FTP credentials.

GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting goes a step further to make it easy for its users to manage their hosting. Thus, there is no cPanel.

However, what if you wanted to make some changes and needed access to the ftp directory?

Recently, I was in a situation where my WordPress site was down due to an Internal Server Error. The solution required me to edit a php file in my server’s root directory.

And I spent 30 minutes scratching the web, only to realize that GoDaddy WordPress hosting doesn’t have any cPanel. They’ve made it insanely simple for you to get your ftp username/password.

How To Get Your Website’s FTP Username/Password In GoDaddy WordPress Hosting?

1. Login to the Dashboard of your WordPress site and look for the ‘GoDaddy Settings’ on the top bar.

GoDaddy Settings in WordPress for FTP Credentials

2. After you click on ‘GoDaddy Settings’, you’ll see all your GoDaddy hosted websites in the browser window.
Click on ‘Settings’ for the website whose FTP credentials are required.

GoDaddy Settings for your wordpress hosted site

3. Switch to the SSH & SFTP’ tab and your Username/Password is right in front of you.
Psst… Toggle Password will reveal your password.

GoDaddy FTP Username Password

That’s how you access your FTP Username/Password in 3 easy steps.

I’ve had a great experience with GoDaddy. And guess what, they’re not even paying me for this free marketing. They’re really neat.

If you’ve had any issues with GoDaddy WordPress hosting then please feel free to share it with us. At RedSome, we have the aspirin for all your tech-related headaches and something more.