How To Get Rid Of Advertisements While Surfing Websites

You may feel very annoyed while watching videos on youtube and then suddenly banner ads starts blocking your view or you might feel distracted when you try to read some interesting article and all you can see is big-big banner ads everywhere on the web page (Just like this page : p). Few days ago one of my friend complaint about the same, he was going through some information in one website (thepiratebay) with someone then exotic ads starts popping out which was very embarrassing for him. So, I tried to find out how to get rid of these unwanted ads and I found a very simple trick to do that.

All you have to do is to install ads blocking addons (or extensions) to your browser. Now it depends on which browser you are using say Chrome or Firefox or Safari or Opera or Internet Explorer (to be honest I use Internet Explorer only once to download other browsers when my PC is brand new or windows is freshly installed). Here are links from where you can install these ads blocking addons to your browser to get rid of those annoying ads. Simply click one of these links according to your browser, install it and you are DONE.

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