Is Cell Phone Monitoring Technology Worthwhile?

There’s no doubt that the coming of cell phone spying app technology has made life so much easier. Business owners have a lesser risk of losing potential business opportunities if they keep their cell phones close. Moreover, now employers can keep track of the whereabouts of their employees and track their internet usage while they are at work, with the sole purpose of increasing productivity at the workplace. In personal life too, cell phone technology has come as a solution to so many problems. Spouses can keep in touch through the day, coordinate and plan daily activities, keep in touch with their children while they are away, and make sure their loved ones are safe.

Who are the Most Users of a Cell Phone Spying App?

Apart from the reasons for using cell phones, with technological advances, the online gaming experience has changed drastically. Children and adults alike become addicted to online games and download the apps into their cell phone for easy access. These sorts of cell phone activities prove to be major distractions and the cause of decreased productivity. Not just gaming, but excessive use of social media sites has also become a major concern for business owners.

Another side to the big picture is that while the majority of people are using modern technology and the internet to improve their lifestyles, some wicked people behind the scenes are using it to cause harm. Hacking has become one of the greatest threats online, espionage and cheating have become part of the competitive ideology, and at the same time, sexual predators, kidnappers, and blackmailers are using technology.

Who are the most vulnerable people with the most to lose because of technology? The answer is mind boggling, but Sarsonline confirms that everyone is at great risk, not just children, adult women, or adult men. The reason for this is that the majority cell phone users are android and iOS smartphones users.

Android and iOS Smartphone Users Stats

Here’s a graphical representation of the number of android smartphone users in the world from 2014 until 2019, according to statista. Based on the statistical facts below, there will be approximately 2,082.7 million expected Android device users in the world by the end of 2016.

On the other hand, it seems there are fewer iPhone users, with the figures being as low as 150.26 million. Based on this comparison, it is obvious that Android smartphone users are quite many, which explains why Google Play Store offers a larger number of apps. Due to increasing online security threats, a majority of cell phone users have been downloading monitoring apps.

Why Monitoring Apps are Worthwhile

Xnspy and similar monitoring apps allow users to remotely access the target’s emails, text messages, browsing history, internet messengers, installed apps, call logs, make screenshots, lock the device remotely, track the device and hence the target person’s current location through GPS tracking. This can help keep people safe and make sure they use their cell phones responsibly without letting it affect productivity at workplaces and at schools in the case of children.

Potential Victims of Online Threats

Not using mobile monitoring can make people vulnerable to predators and other harmful activities online. According to the same research by mentioned above, no ethnicity in the U.S. is safe. Sexual predators attack as many as 80% of cell phone users who are whites, 18.8% victims are blacks, 6.8% are from Asian Pacific areas, 34.1% are Alaskans, 3% are American men, and 24.4% are mixed races. Every race living in the U.S. has a minimum of 17.6% sexual assault victims who become targets via cell phone activities.

What Makes People a Potential Target?

While using cell phones has become an integral part of modern lifestyle, many users ignore taking security measures like installing a cell phone spying app. Sharing personal information like home address, social security number, family details, etc. People who readily take the risk of going on blind dates with complete strangers are also an easy target. Children below the age of thirteen and teenagers are also an easy target for online predators, cyberbullies, and kidnappers. Anyone who uses internet messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Line, and Kik, who text frequently, and call random people too often are at risk.
To wrap things up, people who are constantly using emails via their cell phones and who use the browser on their cell phone for online transactions are also at risk. Saving personal banking details, passwords, and login details on the browser is not a good idea, especially while using a public or shared Wi-Fi connection, even at work. With monitoring apps installed on target cell phones, business owners and parents can make sure that their target people avoid being careless with online activity and use their cell phones in the right way.


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