How to Download any File from Dropbox when you get “There was an error downloading your file” error [Fixed]

Dropbox - There was an error downloading your file - Ms Word Files - 1

Lately, when I am accessing Dropbox through a browser, I have been encountering an error while downloading MS word files from Dropbox. I can preview these files and also can open it in online Microsoft word. But for some reason, Dropbox just doesn’t allow me to download it. Every time it gives me an error of “There was an error downloading your file.” The error only comes with MS word files as I can download any other file formats.

I tried Googling to fix the issue but I couldn’t find any solution specific to MS word download problem. All I got was Dropbox doesn’t allow certain punctuation and special characters like ‘commas.’ But my files have simple names with no such characters or punctuation. I am not sure why Dropbox is not fixing this issue. May they are not aware of it or they want us to use Online Microsoft word to edit these files or share it only online. Whatever is the reason, I have found a workaround for this issue.

Here is the Fix –
All you have to do is select more than one file and click download. It will zip the file and download it for you. Later you can unzip the file and use your word file.

The good thing about this workaround is that you can download any file this way that is giving you a download error from Dropbox.

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