Quickly Find Nearest Hospital And Blood Bank With These Apps

Hospital Directory AppsHealth Emergency can strike anyone at anytime, there is little can be done to avoid such contingency, in severe cases delay by 5 minutes of getting patient to hospital can turn fatal, if patient gets medical attention and required blood on time then many lives can be saved around the globe.

One study suggests, increased journey distance to hospital appears to be associated with increased risk of mortality, a 10‐km increase in straight‐line distance is associated with around a 1% absolute increase in mortality. And many times delay is not due to distance but because of lack of information about nearest hospital and blood bank, If one can get right information at right time then many mishap can be avoided.

I have tried to compile few apps which may give you information about your nearest hospital and blood bank, these apps are for Indian cities but I’m sure that you can find such apps for your own country and city as well, if there is no app then you can simply make a contact list of all the hospitals and blood bank in your mobile phone or dairy.

Hospital Directory
It provides a list of best known hospitals in India. You can find detailed information about Hospitals, Blood Banks and Diagnostic Centers in all big cities. You can view hospitals on google map, also it has call button to place calls directly. It has a very helpful ‘Nearby feature which’ allows you to find nearby hospitals from your current location. You can search hospitals, blood banks and diagnostic centers by their name, city, category, address etc.

Indian Blood Donor
This apps allows you to search for blood donors in your city or area. If you are a Blood Donor then you can sign up to donate blood on their website. www.indianblooddonors.com.

You can also find state wise apps like –

MPulse | Kerala Blood Bank
MPulse (M Pulse) is well designed and very helpful health application developed for Keralites with the following features. Which has many life saving features notably Hospitals’ Rout Map, Find Hospitals around your current location, Ambulance numbers in each districts and many more.

You can find a complete list of related apps in following two links –

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If you like to add related apps to list then kindly do let me know in comment section.

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