How To Recover Deleted Photos?

How To Recover Deleted Photos?Few months ago, I went to Sauraha with my family, a nice riverside tourist spot near Chitwan National Park in Nepal, We had great time there and clicked many memorable pictures, When we get back somehow I didn’t get chance to transfer those picture to my laptop and it was lying there in memory card of camera for several days, then one day, one of my family member asked for my camera for another trip, she was in very hurry, what I did was quickly checked old photos in memory card and without giving a second thought I simply formatted all pictures, later I realized all our pictures of Sauraha is gone without any back up, Damn and guess what, I couldn’t recover them ever as memory card was later filled with new pictures.

But, If I have tried to recover pictures just after formatting card then I would have recovered maximum of those memorable photos which will never come back again. If this ever have happened to you then it may very well resonate to you and can understand how bad one can feel when you accidentally delete your important photos.

Nevertheless, here is an easy solution for recovering all your deleted files from your camera’s memory card, computer, external hard drive and even your pen drive.

1) Download & Install Recovery Software

You need to download and install a data recovery software Recuva, it can recover all the files that you have deleted. You can get it from any of following two links –

Download and Install it.

2) Start Recuva to recover your files

– Once it is installed, open the program, it’ll show you various types of file options that you want to recover from pictures to documents, from music to videos.

– Click on pictures and click next, then it’ll ask you where the file is located, if it is in memory card then select ‘On my media card’ or else click I’m not sure.

– Then it’ll get ready to scan your computer or memory card, if you select deep scan then it may take longer time the regular scan but the chances of recovering your pictures may increase. if you are ready then click start which will start scanning for of your files.

– Once scanning is done then it’ll show results of various pictures that you can recover. If you click on advance option then you’ll find details of which pictures are recoverable and which are not.

– Select the pictures that you want to recover and click recover option at bottom, it’ll ask you location to save your picture. Select the desired location and click ok.

– Done.

Here is nice video tutorial on how to recover your photos with Recuva.

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