How To Change Country In Adsense

You want to change your Google Adsense account’s country to receive your website earnings in new country’s bank. When you  go to Google Adsense account settings to change the address then you find that you can only change the address but not the country.

Can you really change the country?

Answer: No, You Can’t

Google AdSense only allows you to change your address within the same country but it don’t allow you to change the country. I am not sure why? May be because of legal and tax reasons.

What’s the solution?

The only way to change your country is to cancel/delete the existing account and create new account with new address. But, it will delete all your previous earning stats and unpaid earnings. Therefore, it’s better to redeem those earning before you move into the new country. Also, if you would like to keep your previous earnings stats intact then simply create new account for new country.

I know it’s sad but so far we can’t do much about it.

You can only change it  if both the countries has same local currency and have the same contracting entity. But to be honest that’s very rare case.

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