Two Easy Ways to Cancel a Command or Interrupt Any Ongoing Calculations in Excel?

Most of the time you may not need to cancel a command or interrupt your ongoing calculations in Excel as it carries out swiftly. But many times if you have got a very big file with lots of formulas and you have given a command or started any calculation say filtering any data then it may take a while to finish the action depending on the size of the file and meanwhile, you realise that you have given a wrong command or want to do something else then you may have to wait until the initial task gets over.

Two easy ways to stop any command or interrupt any ongoing calculations are

  1. Hit the escape button – Most of the time, escape button works like a charm but sometimes after hitting the escape button your Excel may get hanged. In such situation try the next trick.
  2. Click on another tab – Excel will stop the ongoing calculation for you if you click on any other tab.

Pro tip – If have got really BIG Excel file then try doing your work by switching from automatic calculation to manual calculation. You can do that by clicking Menu> Formulas> Calculation Options> Manual

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