How To Clear Cookies In Chrome Browser

One of the common queries that I receive is “how I can clear cookies?” Probably they want to keep their browsing tracks clean. Before we start, let’s talk about Cookies; these are text files written by web browser like Google Chrome when you browse certain website. It stores your browsing information such as your login details, forms filled in the website and other information that you may like to clear it from time-to-time as doing so is a good practice from privacy point of view and also it clears up some space from your disk.

How to Clear it?

Step 1:

Click the menu settings icon in Google Chrome which looks like a three  dots (1) at top right side of the Chrome. Then click on settings (2) somewhere at bottom. Then a new tab will open.

Step 2:

In a new opened tab, scroll down to bottom part of the page and click on “Advanced.” It will expand the “Advanced” menu with “Privacy and security” settings option in it.

Step 3:

At the bottom of the “Privacy and security” settings, click on the “Clear browsing data.”

Step 4:

A pop-up window will open where you can simply click the Cookies and other site data and finally click “Clear data” button to clear the Cookies.


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