Some stats about Whatsapp

whatsapp-statics-1After the $19B purchase of Whatsapp, it is creating a new buzz in the market. Whatsapp and Facebook are both giants in their fields, so what would be the next scene. To predict the future you need to know the past and here are some amazing stats about whatsapp collected from various sources, hope you will like’em

  1. Whatsapp has almost 450M monthly average user out of which almost 70% is active on any given day
  2. People send 19B messages and receives 34B messages including audio, video, text each day
    • 600M photos are uploaded each day.
    • 200M voice messages sent each day.
    • 100M video messages sent per day.
  3. 450 M active users as of Feb, 2014.
  4. Everyday Whatsapp is gaining 1M users (insane, isn’t it?)
  5. Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19B
  6. Whatsapp has only 50 staffs
  7. Whatsapp is the second biggest deal so far, the biggest deal was of $25B when HP paid to compaq in a bid to compete with IBM, sept, 2001.
  8. If the whole money is distributed equally among all employees, each of them will get $350 M which is almost 5 times of what employees of Instagram would have got

Hope this stats will excite you, keep reading. 🙂

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