Tips to Use Pinterest for Business

First and foremost do understand the basic fact that social media is NOT for Leads or revenue generation but its primarily for engagement and interaction which in the course of action may or may not result to Leads but if used properly, it will surely lead to brand awareness and publicity. Some of the tips that will help your Pinterest business profile are:

1. Add Details: Add categories, keywords, engaging captions, hashtags, urls to your pins.

2. Use Original Images: Pin original images and content from website. And if you’re using someone else’ image please give due credit to the site or blog. If possible also add watermark of your logo , this will continue to promote your brand whenever someone re-pins your image.

3. Integrate Pinterest Buttons: Integrate Pinterest share buttons with other social media platforms, say Facebook tabs, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn Followers to follow you on Pinterest! Integrate, integrate, integrate!

4. Check before Re-pinning: Check if the source is legitimate before repining any image. Do not bear the brunt of the mistakes of some other pin

5. Use Call to Action in your Pins: The images need to be not only eye-grabbing, but also offer the viewer something. How-to advice and tips, DIY, and recipes work well, as do calls to action.

6. Avoid Self Promotion : Pinterest does discourage blatant self promotion, find creative ways to promote your business . Try and create your own infographics.

7. Be Informative: Its not always about adding cute pics! Teach Pinners about something they want to know about. The Wall Street Journal created an informational board to help new Pinners understand the social network.

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Starting a Contest: Brands and companies can connect and build buzz among their audiences by hosting various types of contests on Pinterest. Contests can range from creating the “Best Board” to a earning the most Repins! (Image Source:

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