Top Questions That Are Asked in Elance Test For Adwords

I am just going to mention the category of the questions they ask in Elance and some knowledge about it. Though I know all the actual questions they ask but I won’t reveal them since that will be unethical. The categories on which they ask questions are

1.Keywords match type

There are mainly four types of match types, they are

  • Broad : In this match type suppose the keyword is online shirt, then your ad can be shown for any of those search term test-anxiety
    • Online shirt
    • Online
    • Shirt
    • Any other search terms having either online, or shirt or both.
    • Display URL longer than 35 character.
    • Phrase : In this match type suppose the keyword is “online shirt” then your ads will be shown for any search terms having online shirt together in the same order, it won’t show ads for shirt online but will show only search terms having both the terms (online and shirt ) and in the same order.
    • Exact: In this match type for the keyword [online shirt] ads will only be seen for the search term online shirt and nothing else, it has to be very exact to the keywords and no variations will be considered.
    • Broad modifier match: In this system for the keyword +online +shirt ads will be shown for any search terms having both the term online and shirt. The difference with phrase with this match type is this match type is irrespective of order.

2.Cost per click

Few funda about cost per click

  • It is lesser than the default cost per click since Adwords helps you to get the lowest CPC.
  • Default CPC can only be set at ad group level.

3.Relation between CTR, Quality score and Ad position

CTR = no. of clicks/impression * 100 We know that higher the CTR better will be the quality score, and higher the ad position better is the CTR. Therefore the relation between these three are Ad position α CTR α Quality score

4.Adwords Ad budget

When Adwords ad budget are increased or decreased the ad position does not change with this. Ad position is dependent on the bid and not on the budget. Neither ad budget has anything to do with CPC as CPC is dependent on the competition of the keywords, no matter what is the budget, CPC will remain change and its up to you whether you want to acquire better ad position by increasing your bid, i.e. CPC. However ad position does influence no. of clicks and impressions since more the budget more is the chance of getting higher clicks and impressions (assuming the budget is not sufficient for the current campaign). Adwords ad budget can only be set at a campaign level and not on a ad group or keyword level.

5.Change History Report

Change history report

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helps you to keep track of all the changes done in your account and by which use (if it is shared with others). It gives you data up to 2 years old data and you can data of all implementation. Look at the picture to know what reports it gives. untitled6

6.Campaign performance

Your campaign’s current performance can be evaluated by the following stats

  • Cost/conversion
  • CPC
  • Avg position
  • No. of conversions
  • No. of clicks

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