Adwords is Fooling You?

Adwords, a part of the Giant Google and being the reason of 97%profit of Google is fooling you.

Surprised, oh yes, that’s true.  Adwords has been fooling you for many times . Those who don’t know about adwords let me tell you Adwords is Google’s advertisement product and has been the main source of revenue. People can show their advertisement in Google search engine and other website as well. It acts like a medium.

But how on the earth is it fooling us?

Adwords helps the user to select their bid and budget. Adwords suggest the bid for the keyword you select and also suggests the budget of the campaign. Let me how on this factor is it fooling bid by Adwords

As per adwords the lowest bid in adwords is $0.01, i.e. 1 cent. So as per logic those keywords where the competition is minimum should have the minimum bid as well but that doesn’t happen at all. Suppose there’s a keywords “example” and for that particular keyword in a particular city no ads are shown in Google adwords. But though when you add that keyword it will show you that the suggested bid is nowhere close to 1 cent, they select a particular figure (almighty knows how) and shows that to you. It can be anything, it can be 50 cents or it can be $1.

Some people might say so what if it shows me $1, they are certainly not going to deduct that much , cause as per adwords they try to deduct as minimum as possible for a certain keyword even though the default bid is higher.

Well my friend that does not happen in this case too, they are supposed to charge minimum for that keyword, since the competition is minimum they are supposed to charge minimum but they charge more than that, though it is lesser than your default bid but why should you give more than what it should be?

Suggested budget by Adwords

Adwords also suggest budget now a days (started few months back). In this system adwords will show you that for a particular campaign if you are getting X number of clicks for budget Y than for X+A number of clicks you will receive Y+B no. of clicks.

I am giving a perfect example for this. There was a niche campaign and for that campaign I selected the budget of $10 and I was getting around 4 clicks a day with the Avg CPC of $1.2. Adwords was showing me if I increase my budget to $12 then I can get 6 clicks a day with the same Avg CPC.

Now my question I have enough budget to get 6 clicks with the same Avg CPC for that campaign (6 clicks with Avg CPC $1.21 would cost me $1.21*6=$7.26 which is below $10 ) then on the earth am I supposed to increase my budget to get same amount of click with same Avg CPC?


So if you think you can rely on adwords you better be careful. If you are using adwords automated systems it time to wake up cause adwords might take all your money (please read the article why not to use automated systems of adwords). Adwords no doubt is a great business, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are not playing it fair sometimes.



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