Why Not To Use Adwords Automated Tools

Hoping that you know about adwords this blog is about adwords automated tools which is supposed to reduce your task list but what are the consequences? Know before you use it and you might not be interested to use those tools after knowing it.

What is Adwords automated tools?

There are few tools in adwords which works automatically and thus helps you to run your ads without putting much manual effort. Like it will help you to increase your bid automatically, it will help you to optimize your conversions automatically etc. But those tools are not very safe to use (though not all of them are unsafe).

Which automated tools am I talking about which are not to use?

I will be talking about two tools mainly, they are

  1. Dynamic search ads
  2. Automated biding

Why not to use them?

1.      Dynamic search ads


Dynamic search ads uses your website content and search phrases and accordingly shows the ad, it looks like normal text ads and landing pages are also selected dynamically accordingly.

The problem using this tool is there might be many content which you do not wish you to be landing page neither you want to run ads for them.

Suppose you have a lead generating website with a blog and in that blog you discuss about newly arrived gadgets. Now you surely don’t want to land people on that, neither you want to show ads for that newly arrived gadgets as that will give you no profit (assuming you don’t have that product in your website). This is why I don’t recommend using this tool; you might end up wasting a lot of money.

2. Automated bidding


This is another risky automated tool to use. In this tool adwords sets your budget automatically and it has been seen many times that the bid is much much higher. It is very unlikely to happen that you get maximum clicks within that budget (though they promise it). It is advisable to set bid manually.

Also there are situations where you do not want to get maximum clicks but you want to get maximum conversions, this tool will not understand the difference.

Which automated tools you can use?


Automation rules

All of them you can use, they are

  1. Automated ad group default max CPC
  2. Automated ad group status
  3. Automated send emails
  4. Automated rules for keywords
  5. Automated rules for ads

In all of those rules you can set some logic and based on that logic changes will be done automatically. You can set rule like increase your bid by 5% & keep increasing upto $4 when Avg position is less than 3.

That means whenever your Avg position is less than 3 it will automatically increase your bid by 5% and will keep increasing until it reaches to $4, after that it will not increase.

All those rules are dependent on some logics and those are quite safe to use.

But there are way to use those tools too, otherwise you might lose money again, to know how to use those tools to get better result, read our post how to use adwords automate rules.

Hope this helped you. J


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