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Find Anything You’re Looking For – Locat’r

Did you know you could use technology to better know your surrounding?

In other words, did you know technology could help you find anything around you?  Anything!!!

  1. Car stopped suddenly – need to find a mechanic who can reach quickly.
  2. Have to find the closest fuel station.
  3. Need to find a dentist who is not far from your place.

We all come across similar situations in life. Unexpected situations provide little room for preparation. And things become more difficult when you are new to a locality or you are travelling and there is hardly anybody you know.

Newly launched app Locat’r which runs on Android and iOS, offers a solution. It allows you to search 96 types of services around you. With just few taps and swipes you can find service providers located within 5Km from where you are.

Locat’r shows contact information, location map and drive direction to reach the service provider. Plus it displays Reviews and Ratings given by other customers ensuring you contact the right business.

Locat’r has similarities with Google Maps or Localscope and alike. However, without overwhelming with lots of data and features, Locat’r allows users to find service providers who can be reached quickly. That’s the point.

There are many occasions when you need to find services around you quickly. When you are in trouble, when you are travelling and need to find something really quickly, or when you are buying a new home and want to understand how close the marketplace is, how long will it take to reach a doctor, whether there is any school around or not!

Turn on Locat’r and find anything you’re looking for….anything!

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