How to open a CSV file if you don’t have MS Excel installed?

When I joined my new company, I was given a Mac and was asked to do all my works with that. That Mac didn’t have MS office and it was not allowed to install as well. So I was finding it very difficult since I had to deal with MS excel and CSV files.

Ultimately I found the solution of my problem, I am sure its a common problem for many people and therefore I would like to share it.

How to open a CSV file if you don’t have MS Excel installed?

It involves two easy steps:

  1. Upload on Google drive
  2. Once uploaded, open it with Google spreadsheet

Upload on Google drive

– Go to and click on New, then select upload files option and choose your CSV file to upload.

– Open it with Google spreadsheet

– Once the upload is complete, just click on the file and it will open in a Google spreadsheet and Yay… you are all set to go.

Important: Just remember one thing, once you have uploaded the file, try to rename it, else later you might not be able to find it. So either rename it to something which you can remember, or add the link to any other spreadsheet, or add it to any folder which you remember.

Still confused? Watch this video.

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