Net Neutrality and Zero Rating – how they matter

Net Neutrality

Very recently we did a polling on Google+ to ask people if they support Net Neutrality. As expected 86% supported Net Neutrality but surprisingly 9% people did not have any idea what Net Neutrality is. So we thought of educating them and will explain in a simplified manner. Imagine someday you trying to search something on Google but your service provider doesn’t allow you

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to go to Google but gives you an alternative to search on Bing. With all due respect to Bing, but wouldn’t that be scary? In a different scenario imagine you open and its just taking its own sweet time to open and ultimately after waiting 5-10 minutes you had to close it. Not a good practice, right? Net Neutrality is a principle which says all content should be allowed to access equally and the end user get to choose what they want to access and what not and nothing is implied on them.

Zero Rating

Having said that may be we should also discuss about Zero rating. You might have heard about which launched very recently by Facebook. In India they are partnering with Airtel, one of the most important tele communication companies in India. The crux of the matter is Facebook has developed a new concept named which allows free access of data for certain websites. This sounds fine but will it remain fine in the long run, lets think through this. Since this is free, most of the people are likely to take this service only but the twist is they are partnering with few companies only and you will only be able to access if that website is a part of zero rating. Since this would cost good money, smaller websites and companies will not be able to afford this and hence, getting out of the competition which is against the principle of Net Neutrality.

Can you raise your voice against this?

Of course you can. Just share your views with [email protected] by 24th April, that’s the deadline.   Picture Courtesy:      

Reliance Jio Chat Review

Reliance Just Launched Reliance Jio Chat (Messaging App)

We have done a quick brief review because you need to know if you should be using this. Lets talk about some extra features which you have never seen before –

  • Video calling -Reliance Jio chat app allows you to do video chat which so far was only allowed with hangout, Skype & Viber. Whatsapp and other messaging apps do allow calling option but video chat is the next level.
  • SMS – Remember Way2SMS? Reliance Jio chat app also allows user to send SMS to people who are not on Jio chat but there’s a limit which is 100 sms/month for all users which we believe is very low but still better than nothing.
  • Channel -Reliance Jio chat app also has few channels which you can follow to stay updated.
  • Contacts -Reliance Jio chat app shows all your contacts under contacts of this app and doesn’t wait till they come to Jio Chat.

Calling Review

We have tried the video calling and calling which worked pretty good. We used wifi and 3G both. Clarity of calling and video calling was good enough, in fact we were quite impressed by it. If you call someone, you can also add someone else to the same call and do a conference. The Video calling was smooth on wifi and 3G both. While other messaging app requires almost 600kb for calling, this app requires only 450kb which is again good.

SMS Review

Two major problems here

  1. The SMS gets delivered after 2-3 hours and not immediately
  2. It does not deliver the message directly, it tells the receiver that the sender has sent a message and if the receiver intends to receive it, he/she needs to reply “Y”. To me its a very complicated process and the probability of replying with a “Y” is very less.

Other Review

The look and feel of Reliance Jio chat app is average. You can send files and other stuffs to contacts which is expected. While cropping profile picture once you crop the image it should automatically increase so that you can crop better which doesn’t happen here which makes cropping a little difficult. You can change the background, which is cool. Though you have channels but we couldn’t find amazing content on those channels. We would have loved if they had some public chats like Viber.

Wise to migrate?

The one and only answer is whether your friends are there. Reliance Jio Chat app has better feature and once they launch Jio 4G in India, we are pretty sure they will try to promote Reliance Jio chat app but until and unless your friends are there, you wouldn’t go there, this is not very sensible but this is what happens. So the question comes to marketing and promoting. But is it wise to migrate from Whatsapp to Jio? We would say Yes but at the same time we believe Whatsapp will also have some cool features very soon and who knows Facebook integration, SMS and video calling can be part of their new updates.

Reliance Jio chat Rating: 3.5/5

Reliance Jio chat Review: Should give it a try, easy to use, video calling allowed

Download the Android app here and the IOS app here.

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Find Anything You’re Looking For – Locat’r

Did you know you could use technology to better know your surrounding?

In other words, did you know technology could help you find anything around you?  Anything!!!

  1. Car stopped suddenly – need to find a mechanic who can reach quickly.
  2. Have to find the closest fuel station.
  3. Need to find a dentist who is not far from your place.

We all come across similar situations in life. Unexpected situations provide little room for preparation. And things become more difficult when you are new to a locality or you are travelling and there is hardly anybody you know.

Newly launched app Locat’r which runs on Android and iOS, offers a solution. It allows you to search 96 types of services around you. With just few taps and swipes you can find service providers located within 5Km from where you are.

Locat’r shows contact information, location map and drive direction to reach the service provider. Plus it displays Reviews and Ratings given by other customers ensuring you contact the right business.

Locat’r has similarities with Google Maps or Localscope and alike. However, without overwhelming with lots of data and features, Locat’r allows users to find service providers who can be reached quickly. That’s the point.

There are many occasions when you need to find services around you quickly. When you are in trouble, when you are travelling and need to find something really quickly, or when you are buying a new home and want to understand how close the marketplace is, how long will it take to reach a doctor, whether there is any school around or not!

Turn on Locat’r and find anything you’re looking for….anything!

Malware Alert: Remove This Android Card Game ‘Durak’ From Your Phone Right Now

If you’ve downloaded the card game ‘Durak’ from the Google Play store, you need to delete it ASAP. Durak is one of the three malicious Android apps that had been lying in the Google Play store in front of a BIG audience. The app was first identified by an Android user who had posted about the adware in the internet security firm Avast’s user forum. Upon looking into the post, one of the folks from Avast dissected Durak and found the malware, thus informing Google which immediately removed the game from its store. After the first install, the card game behaves normally and resembles a working game app. But once you reboot your Android device, it comes into effect with a series of pop-up ads thrown on to your device’s screen, trying to lead you to third-party app stores. Flip Chytry from Avast says,

Each time you unlock your device an ad is presented to you, warning you about a problem, e.g. that your device is infected, out of date or full of porn. This, of course, is a complete lie. You are then asked to take action, however, if you approve you get re-directed to harmful threats on fake pages, like dubious app stores and apps that attempt to send premium SMS behind your back or to apps that simply collect too much of your data for comfort while offering you no additional value.

A rule of thumb – when you notice anything weird happening on your phone, remove any new application that you’ve downloaded from the app store. Thus, if you’re one among the 5 million Android users who’d downloaded Durak, please take immediate actions if you haven’t already. Malicious apps aren’t a new thing to come by but it’s something to look into if the app has found its way into Google apps store. Because it then has the potential to harm the global Android market, thus giving a big hit to Google. So please, if you had accidentally installed the game on your Android device and have been noticing something weird going on with your phone, then take immediate actions. Go to your phone Settings –> navigate to Apps –> Tap on to Durak

and click on Uninstall. If you encounter anything like above in the future, please don’t panic. At RedSome, we provide you with insanely simple solutions to all your tech related problems. If there’s something you’ve been trying to find a solution for, please feel free to knock on our door. Pssst… Can you find the Knock Knock!! button on the screen?