Pinterest : How to Get your Account Verified

On 25th October last year, Pinterest launched a new feature called “website verification” A very common feature with community sites, this feature was lacking in Pinterest till this time to allow and encourage more and more users. Once Pinterest had their baseline number of members, they started applying more rules to secure the site. This feature lets you verify that you own the website on your Pinterest profile. How to verify your website? verification

  • Visit your Settings page
  • Click on the Verify Website button.
  • One way to verify your website is to add an HTML meta tag to your website’s home page. If you can manage your website’s HTML, then you should be able to add an HTML meta tag to it.
  • Upload the downloaded file to your web server. Be sure not to upload the file to a subfolder, or Pinterest won’t be able to find it.
  • Complete the process by clicking the bold ‘Click here’ text you see on the verification screen.
  • Pinterest will then check your website for the HTML file they gave you, and verify it. You’ll see a success message once the process has completed. Now, instead of your profile looking like this:

Currently, Pinterest only supports top-level domains. Unfortunately, if your website isn’t a top-level domain, then you won’t be able to verify. This means that most eCommerce shop owners can’t verify right now. Though they promised to work on supporting more options in the future. You, as a member can also suggest Pinterest regarding varied verification options. Benefits of verification:

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