“Half My Advertising Is Wasted..” Find Out How You Can Save Your Money On Advertising?


That day I was going to a market with a friend of mine and saw an interesting banner,  it was saying


and just beside that it was written

“Now as we have your attention, check out our new offer for Christmas special ,buy 1 pizza and get 1 free.”

This kind of ads might not be new for you but I saw it for the first time.

Later I asked my friend what did he think of that banner and to my surprise he said that he didn’t notice that ads.

This is what happens most of the time, business invests so much money for the advertisement but it does not reach people whom it should, some part of your advertising is always wasted. John Wanamaker, he may not sound familiar to you but he is very famous in the advertising industry for his quote,

“Half my advertising is wasted; I just don’t know which half.”

So I was searching if there is any option to stop wasting money in advertising and making sure all of my money is used (and not wasted) in advertising. Then I came to know about digital marketing and found it very interesting over traditional marketing because of few reasons. I will explain’em but first I will explain how this will help you to stop wasting your money.

It will give you exact data, yes EXACT DATA how many people are coming to your website, how many people are converting or giving you business and even how many people are seeing your advertisement. But the question remains same

“Now I know which half of my money is wasted and how, but what on the earth makes any difference if I don’t know how to reduce it?”

So now you know at least which half is wasted. Since the time you know it you start working on reducing it. You show better ads and make sure the user is seeing and coming to business. You will also get to know which ads are doing good and make changes accordingly. Since you have data, that will tell you what’s not working and how to make it better and whether is it doing better. Ultimately after proper optimization you create ads which will maximize your profit through your advertisement.

  1. It will allow you to show your ads on Google, Facebook (have you ever thought of fixing your banners in Facebook or Google building? Yes is the answer and I will call the mental hospital) But this is possible online, people will see your ads in Google search engine, Facebook and in many other websites that you prefer.
  2. It will give you proper and exact data and you come to know what is working, what is not working. How other people are doing it, what you should do. The finest part is Data which if you want to collect offline through surveys will cost thousand and even millions dollar and you get it here free.
  3. The third may be the last point but the most important. Are you tired of showing your adult ads to grandpas, kid’s video games macho man or ladies garments to busy businessman?

Can I still do it?

Enough is enough, no more wrong targeting..

Online marketing gives you the liberty to target right and specific people, if they ain’t your target group, they are not gonna see your ads. And let not the almighty control your luck, you control it and you do what you want to do. You want to show your ads to Piedmont? Yes you can. You want to show your ads to people who are between 18-45, oh yes you can. You want to show your ads to couple who are recently married, DAMN, YOU CAN.

I won’t say offline ads are not good and stop it. But better you start exploring online marketing too, people are doing it and earning millions of dollar. 97% of Google’s income come from online advertisement.

Enough lesson for today, may be you owe me something for all those knowledge, how about a coffee on Sunday?

Stay connected.

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