How To Speed Up Your BlackBerry Phone?

I use stone age Blackberry 9000 Bold, yeah I should buy new phone but someone gifted me this phone and its still going smooth specially I like its typing pad which I feel very comfortable typing as other touchscreen keypads are very difficult to type, in fact I can write this whole post in my Blackberry phone. Only problem it is giving me is sometimes it gets very slow and get hanged, the reason is it has very little memory for apps. Whenever my phone gets slow I do following tricks, which your can also do to speed up you blackberry –

    1. Exit All Running Applications: Press Alt+Escape. Select an app, open its menu, and select Exit.
    2. Clear Event Log: Press Alt+L-G-L-G. Open the menu and select Clear Log.
    3. Enable Memory Cleaning: Go to Settings>Options>Security Options>Memory Cleaning. Select Enable.
    4. Auto Delete Text Messages: Go to messaging screen>Open the menu> Options> General Options. Change Days To Keep Messages to 15 or 30 days.
    5. Browser Settings:
        • Go to browser> Open menu>Options>Browser Configuration.
            • Deselect JavaScript, HTML tables, and Use Background Images.
            • Set browser ID to BlackBerry.
        • Go to browser> Open menu>Options>General Properties.
            • Change image quality to Low
            • Repeat Animations to 10 or never
            • Default View to Column.
    6. Take out the battery: I guess everyone does it, still take out the battery once in a while, it’ll clear your phone’s RAM memory. and speed up things.

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