How to Stop WhatsApp Message Preview on Your Home Screen

Imagine this situation –

It’s Friday lunch time at the office. You are joined by your boss who then starts discussing about the latest project you’re working on. You then find your way through the topic and say to him, ” There is an urgency at my house and I’d have to leave early today.” A minute later – “Honey! I’m Waiting!” splashes the screen of your smartphone lying between your boss and you on the table. Sadly, the preview of the WhatsApp messenger was enabled and the message was registered to both the parties.

Does this incident sound familiar to you?

Don’t worry, you can always disable your screen notifications and let your phone lie down on the table while having conversations with other people.

Below is the ultimate cheatsheet for different mobile handsets.

How To Stop Whatsapp Message Preview on Your Home Screen?

For iPhone’s, all you need to do is:

Open WhatsApp –> Click on Settings –> Click on Notifications –> Scroll to the bottom and toggle ‘View in lock screen’ to ‘Off’.

For Samsung Android devices, this is what needs to be done:

Go to Settings –> Click on the ‘More’ tab –> Choose Application Manager –> Choose WhatsApp –> Turn off ‘Show Notifications’*

For handsets like Nokia Asha, its as simple as this:

Open WhatsApp –> Click on Settings –> Click on ‘Show Message Preview’ –> Just Disable It!

*One thing to keep in mind is that this also removes the notification icon in the top bar.

Image source: Technocrates

29 thoughts on “How to Stop WhatsApp Message Preview on Your Home Screen

  1. how to diasble t in micromax canvas models …i got a canvass a77 and need that disable process to be done on any cost being teenager

    1. Hi Rutuja, on your Micromax devise follow these steps.
      1] Click on whatsapp and open the app.
      2] Access the application menu by pressing the options key (the first button from the left on your device, resembles a rectangle) in your Micromax Canvass A77.
      3] Click on Settings>> Notifications >> PopUp Notification >> Select – No Pop Up.

      This should solve your problem. Let us know if you still have any issues.

      1. M sooo confused
        I cant see msgs preview on my oppo f1s
        I need msgs gmail whtsap preview on my notification bar
        I checked all sources but no clue.
        Can anyone help??

  2. Hi! How to disabled whatsapp messeges preview on LG G3? I always have to be careful when someone is around, because i dont like when they read my messeges. Thank you.

  3. Vlad I have the same problem since an update about 1,5 month ago. There seems to be no way to turn off the preview message anymore on a LG G3.

    I turned of every preview setting but it just keeps popping up. Extremely anoying!!

  4. How do you turn off preview notifications on the lock screen on a samsung s6 edge. The method shown above disables all notifications. Is there a way to do it like iPhones?

  5. Como se deshactica la vista previa en un lg magna por favor que no aparesca el mensage en la barra solo que salga el aviso de wahpsapp osea el logo nadamas

  6. How do i stop message preview on Screen when my phone is locked. i want to get the WhatsApp notification without showing the message preview on Google Nexus 5.

  7. I don’t want to see the notifications at the top of the screen when messages arrived. on my moto g2 marshmallow. how i can do it?

  8. Hi! How to disabled whatsapp messeges preview on Moto G 2nd Generation.I always have to be careful when someone is around, because i dont like when they read my messeges. Thank you.

  9. Seguí todas las indicaciones y sigue apareciendo esta molesta ventana.

    Estoy a punto de.desintalar whatsaap y olvidarme que existe.

    Ayudaaa ( android)

    1. Tenes que ir a configuracion del celular/ aplicaciones/ whatsapp, notificaciones/ y destildar el que dice “vistas previas emergentes”

  10. I m using Gionee M 5 lite.
    whatsapp shows a preview of it on my screen and i hate that especially when someone is using my phone there able to see part of the message.
    i want the notifaction bit but dont want it to show part of the message on my screen please how do i turn it off??

  11. Dear sir/ madam

    As I have J7 phone but I can get notification on lock screen .I set on setting notification & whats app notification kindly help in sorting out the problem

  12. Hi Bhanusmita,
    The situation you mentioned happens many times. I was finding a way to stop notifications. Thanks for sharing.

  13. just a simple thing yet so hard to achieve

    Samsung Galaxy Phones – How do you stop the whatsapp message preview appearing in the notification bar at the top but still have a badge number notification to tell you how many messages you have within the app?
    Seems as though you either have everything turned on notifying you or nothing on at all

    so many features to customise your whatsapp on the new version yet this simple feature to decide what type of notification you want is still so dificult.

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