How To Fix Audible Charges with 888-283-5051 NJ USA and Get Your Refund

How To Fix Audible Charges with 888-283-5051 NJ USA and Get Your Refund I regularly buy Kindle books from But I never bought Audio books as they are kind of over priced. However, few days back, I was simply browsing through audible site and looking for types of books they are offering. I went there while exploring I didn’t click anything apart from landing page of the book and definitely didn’t hit the purchase button. But next day when I checked my bank statement in my mobile. I found $19.27 deducted along with $0.58 international fee. First I thought, may be I accidentally clicked purchased button. But later when I checked my Amazon account purchase history (as Audible is part of Amazon) I didn’t find any new audio book. I thought it was either some kind of BUG or some kind of SCAM.

How I fixed it?

I went to their site and wrote them a simple request message explaining about my situation. And they agreed to refund back.


I recently browsed through audible website for Audio books. But I never purchased or subscribed anything.

But it has charged me $19.27 and $0.58 from my bank account on Wed 20 Apr 2016. My bank account is showing 888-283-5051 NJ USA as reference

Please help me to refund my money urgently.

Kind regards,

They replied as follows –

Hello Rajesh,

Thank you for contacting Audible!

My sincerest apologies for this upsetting situation. I have personally checked your account and I found out that the charges you have received, has come from an active Audible membership which started from a free trial membership.

We understand that this might have been accidental or, at the very least, you did not intend to continue with the regular paid membership. I am sorry our warnings were not clear or might have been bypassed.

Nonetheless, our job here at Customer Support is to remove such concerns from you or to make amends as best we can because, even if you do not want anything to do with Audible, we don’t want to leave you with a bad impression of us and we certainly do not want to be billing you for Audible products or services you do not want.

We have canceled your Audible membership and issued a refund back to your credit card. Depending on the bank, a refund can typically take about 7-10 days to appear in your account. Please rest assured that you will not receive any further charges from us since I have already cancelled your Audible Gold Monthly Membership.

Thank you again for contacting Audible. If you would like additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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