5 Sacred Morning Rituals To Boost Your Productivity

5 SACRED MORNING RITUALS TO BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY 1. Exercise – The best way to start your day is to get the blood flowing throughout your central nervous system. It helps boost your productivity and gives you a fresh outlook to celebrate the day ahead. Don’t have a gym membership, try calisthenics (body weight exercises). Throw some pushups, jumping jacks, squats and see how this simple act of shaking your booty in the morning revolutionize the way you perform at work. 2. Pray – Be grateful for the things you have in your life. For the opportunity to live a brand new day your own way. No, you don’t have to be a believer of God to do this. Just close your eyes and pray to Chuck Norris, but be utterly honest with yourself. Best, pray to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with this. Also breathe consciously when you do this. That’s what they call as meditation. This inherent human act is a big fad right now. 3. Eat – There are lots of research out there. But research is boring. Go eat instead. Not junk fast food. Especially if we’re talking about the first meal of the day. That’s going to decide how long you see the sunrise and sunset during this one life you’ve got. Make a nutritious green smoothie without sugar (recipe here) or just crack two hard boiled eggs (dummies guide

to hard boiled eggs). Add a cup of herbal tea and you’re game. 4. Read – Pick up an inspirational piece whether on the internet or even better if it’s a book. Don’t hide those self-help books in your closet for the fear of being judged by your friends. Read them instead. Your friends don’t care anyways. Help in any form is self-help. And you’re just helping yourself. The act of reading exercises your brain in the morning while also promoting the flow of creative juices. So read! Try to stay away from the news though. 5. Create – Don’t spend your life just consuming – food, news, media in any form, more food. You’ll grow fat and will start hating yourself. Go create something instead. Do you think you have zero creativity? Here’s three ways to create something – a) Cook your own breakfast b) Write a haiku c) Sweep the floors Apply the 5 sacred morning rituals mentioned above. And then go change the world. If you found this article interesting, please feel free to share it with your friends because at RedSome we believe, sharing is caring.

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