How to Stop WhatsApp Message Preview on Your Home Screen

Imagine this situation –

It’s Friday lunch time at the office. You are joined by your boss who then starts discussing about the latest project you’re working on. You then find your way through the topic and say to him, ” There is an urgency at my house and I’d have to leave early today.” A minute later – “Honey! I’m Waiting!” splashes the screen of your smartphone lying between your boss and you on the table. Sadly, the preview of the WhatsApp messenger was enabled and the message was registered to both the parties.

Does this incident sound familiar to you?

Don’t worry, you can always disable your screen notifications and let your phone lie down on the table while having conversations with other people.

Below is the ultimate cheatsheet for different mobile handsets.

How To Stop Whatsapp Message Preview on Your Home Screen?

For iPhone’s, all you need to do is:

Open WhatsApp –> Click on Settings –> Click on Notifications –> Scroll to the bottom and toggle ‘View in lock screen’ to ‘Off’.

For Samsung Android devices, this is what needs to be done:

Go to Settings –> Click on the ‘More’ tab –> Choose Application Manager –> Choose WhatsApp –> Turn off ‘Show Notifications’*

For handsets like Nokia Asha, its as simple as this:

Open WhatsApp –> Click on Settings –> Click on ‘Show Message Preview’ –> Just Disable It!

*One thing to keep in mind is that this also removes the notification icon in the top bar.

Image source: Technocrates