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10 Google Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts To Make Your Life Easier

Have you been using Google Chromebook for a while?

Do you ever get bothered that you have to go through a series of click to access the File Manager (Downloads folder)?

Guess what, there’s a keyboard shortcut for that and I bet you’d love to use it more often once you get it hooked onto your mind.

Below are 10 Google Chromebook Keyboard shortcuts that will make your life easier.

1.File Manager (Downloads Folder): Alt + Shift + m This takes you to your Downloads folder in the drive. Drag and upload the files to your WordPress site without having to go to your downloads list and then navigating to your file manager. This is really neat if you happen to access your downloaded files quite often.

2. Screenshot: Ctrl + window switcher – This takes a quick screenshot on your active browser tab. What’s even more cool is that you can take a partial screenshot using Ctrl + Shift + window switcher.

How To Take A Partial Screenshot On A Chromebook?

3. Task Manager: Shift + Esc – This gives you access to the task manager. You can force end a running task to free up some space and speed up your chromebook tasks. Google has done a great job to make it difficult for viruses to attack the Chromebook, still getting to know the task manager allows you to keep an eye on all the running processes.

Opening Task manager in Google Chromebook

4. CAPS LOCK: Alt + Search – If you thought that Google forgot the Caps Lock then you know by now that they didn’t. I personally use Shift + character key wherever Caps is needed. However, it’s still good to know that Google didn’t forget about this native keyboard button.

5. Minimize Window: Alt + – (minus) – This can be useful in a case when you find someone coming on to you by surprise and you don’t want the person to know about the secret project you’ve been working on. Just minimize your window with the above shortcut.

6. Launch Pinned Apps: Alt + 1 through 8 – You can use this shortcut to launch the pinned apps on your taskbar. Alt + 1 would launch the first pinned app which is often Google Chrome. If you guessed it correct, this would also maximize your Chrome window that you minimized above.

7. Page Up & Page Down: Alt + Up/Down Arrow – Navigate through a lengthy page using this shortcut.

8. Home/End: Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down Arrow – Yes, we all miss the Home and End button. Well now that you know the shortcut, you shouldn’t be missing it any more.

9. F1-F12: Search + 1 through plus sign If you wish you could refresh your page with the F5 button, click on ‘Search + 5’ and you have the solution.

10. Keyboard Shortcut Overlay: Ctrl + Shift + ? – This is actually the coolest shortcut as it shows all the possible keyboard shortcuts. Try it out and select your own useful keyboard shortcuts for Chromebook.

Google Chromebook keyboard shortcuts screenshot

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