How To Install WhatsApp In Your PC or Mac?

install whatsapp in pc-mac-computer Whatsapp is very cool way to stay in touch with your friends and family but sometimes it becomes very tedious to type on your touchscreen mobile. For that you can install it in your computer. There is two method for installing WhatsApp on PC or mac computers.

Method 1 – Easy and coolest one

  1. Go to
  2. Download App player
  3. Open BlueStack App Player
  4. Search Whatsapp
  5. Install it
  6. and follow the simple process.
  7. Done

Problem with Bluestack is that you need good graphic driver to install it.

Method 2 – Difficult and not so cool one


  1. Android Emulator (comes with Android SDK)
  2. WhatsApp for Android apk file (downloadable at

Step 1: Download and Install Android Emulator

  1. Go to:
  2. And download the .exe file for windows……. Install it
  3. Then open Android SDK manager…..Select repository….. and check “SDK Platform Android 2.3.3, API 10” or (check any SDK Platform Android as you want)
  4. After check, click on install selected packages and wait until downloading and installing processes are finished
  5. Now go to Tools and select Manage AVDs to create your Virtual device
  6. Click new, choose a name for your virtual device (for example MyVDevice) and your target is going to be the version of your Android that you installed in the steps before.
  7. Choose 512Mib for size Then click on create AVD
  8. Click on your virtual device in the list of available devices and then click start

Step 2: Install and use WatsApp on your virtual device

  1. Open your browser on android
  2. Go to:
  3. Then download WhatsApp for android and install you need to activate WhatsApp.
  4. you can verify your phone number using voice verification instead of text SMS verification to avoid

    all of the text SMS verification steps.

  5. After entering your phone number you can choose”VOICE VERIFICATION” to verify your phone number
  6. when you are waiting for the verification code, Click Edit then click OK (without make any change with your number)
  7. you will realize that the SMS verification failed, choose “voice verification” click Call Me
  8. then whatsapp will call you, and waiting for you to enter the code to activate it.
  9. Done, not so cool right??

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