How to Use Internet on BlackBerry Without BIS Plan

How To Install WhatsApp on BlackBerry without BIS Plan

One of the drawback of buying Blackberry is that it does not allow you to access internet without its standard BIS plan. In order to access internet your need to do small tweaking.

Here is how to can use internet without BIS plan?

  1. Go to Menu > options > Advanced Options > TCP/IP
  2. You need to write APN, different mobile carrier has different APN, if you Google then you can find it but if you are feeling lazy then I’m providing some of them here –
    • Airtel –
    • Vodafone – www or portalnmms or web
    • Idea – internet
    • BSNL – celloneportal
    • MTNL – mmsmtnlmum or gprsmtnlmum
    • If you didnt see APN for your Mobile Company / Country. Here’s the Complete List of APN (Wordwide)
  3. You may not be able to access – BlackBerry Browser, BlackBerry Email, BB Messenger and all those apps which are made by RIM BlackBerry.
  4. But you can go to Blackberry App World and install Opera Mini and start browsing internet.
  5. If you do not have Blackberry App World then you can install it via Wi-Fi connection.

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