Search Engine Advertising Vs Social Media Advertising

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Few days ago a salesman suddenly came to my door. I was getting ready for my office and suddenly the appearance of a salesman I didn’t like at all. Nobody likes the person who takes your money away I guess.

He asked me –

“can I have your two minutes sir?”

“Go on but make it fast, I am getting late for my office”

“Sir, I won’t take it that long. Recently our company …….. has launched a new car which has got A+ by ……., this car is superb in terms of mileage, looks, performance, in a word this is the most advanced car in such a price currently in the market”

“Please, come to the point fast, what am I supposed to

“Sir, would you like to buy this car, if you buy this car now we will give you discount of 10% and….”

“What are you talking about, how can I buy a car right now, it’s a long term process, I need time to think about it and its not a daily investment, I can’t buy it now”

“But sir, 10% discount.”

“Not interested, sorry, have a good day”

So this was the scene, I hope you already got it, it’s an example of interrupt marketing. So when it comes to placing your ads over internet the only thing you need to understand who your customers are. So suppose you want to sell Tees or Denims social media is cool as well as search engine but when it comes to any other costly things for which decisions can’t be taken within an hour, social media is not cool at all.

Let me give you an example, suppose you want to sell computers like laptops or desktops. So since those things are a bit costly people don’t like to take the decision just like that, so if you are using social media for this, this won’t help you. On the other hand if you are selling sunglasses, then social media can be good since these are not that costly and people can buy then just like that.

So let’s make things a little arranged, my mother always used to tell me that I am very bad at it.

So there are two types of things

  • Which for people takes decision instantly (most of the time they are cheap)
  • Which for they take time and does not buy instantly(most of the times they are costly)

So when it comes to things which for people take decisions instantly you can use social media as well as search engine where as for other type you can use search engine only.

But why those things which for people don’t take decision instantly will work in search engine.

Because they are looking for it and that means they are ready to buy it. If they are searching in search engine that means they are looking for it and they are more likely to buy it ,but when you are targeting you don’t know whether those people are looking for it or not and so you are interrupting them, just like the salesperson who interrupted me.

Hope this would help you.

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