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How To Take A Partial Screenshot On A Chromebook

I often take screenshots for my various online projects and getting to know this amazing built-in feature to take a screenshot has been a big time saver. Essentially, the key combination of

Ctrl +  window switcher will take a quick screenshot of your screen. Easy to use and does a real neat job. Often I’d have to crop my full screenshot to get the required area of the captured image until I found this amazing way to capture only a partial screenshot.

This is what you’d have to do to take a partial screenshot on a chromebook –

1] Use Ctrl + Shift +  window switcher, and it brings in a ‘+’ cursor on to the screen.

2] Make the selection of the part of the screen you want to capture.

3] As you’re done making your selection i.e. when you release the click, it takes the partial screenshot for you.

Taking a partial screenshot on chromebook

Where Do I Find The Captured Images?

By default, the captured image gets saved in the Downloads folder.

This is a great functionality as it makes things quicker, especially when you just need to take a screenshot of a partial screen as you don’t have to bother cropping the image again.

There are lots of other Chrome Extensions that allow you to take screenshots like Awesome Screenshot, Screen Capture, Webpage Screenshot

However when it comes to the easiness of the built in keyboard shortcut, it is insanely simple and saves you time. It’s definitely useful to know this trick and increase your efficiency while you’re working on your important projects on your lovely Chromebook.

If you found this trick useful then please share it so that other awesome Chromebook users can also get the best out of it.

Image source: Louis Roca(flikr)

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