How to Use Adwords Automated Rules?

A boy was once told that playing computer games helps to improve the brain cells. Listening to that that boy started to play all day and night, he thought his brain will be as powerful as Einstein. But ultimately he ended up with poor eye and a unhealthy body. So there is a difference between mere statement and actual truth. Nobody told that boy one hour everyday with UV radiated glasses will only improve his brain cells and to compensate this Physical idleness he also need to do some physical exercise. Many people kept saying that adwords automate rules are very good to use and it helps to reduce your manual work. But there are proper processes to use those tools. There are few automated tools in adwords which you never should use(read our post Why not to use adwords automated tools) When

it comes to automate rules know how to use them before starting using them.

Which tools am I talking about?

I am talking about


    1. Automated ad group default max CPC
    2. Automated ad group status
    3. Automated send emails
    4. Automated rules for keywords
    5. Automated rules for ads


untitled3 Now I am going to discuss how to use them

How to use those tools?

Automated ad group default max CPC

When you are creating rule to raise bids also create a similar rule for reducing bid. untitled4

Reason for this…

Suppose you have created rule like when your Avg position is lower than 3 than raise your bids by 5% and keep increasing until it reaches $4. Now your Avg position has dropped from 3 to 4 and your bid has increased from $1 to $1.05. But now as other have decreased their bid your avg position has become 1 for the same avg CPC. But if yopu want to keep that 3 position only and not better than this (since improve in avg position is costlier).So if your avg position becomes again 3 you might only need to pay $1 again but in this case you are paying more than this. Sop in this case you also should create an opposite rule saying decrease my bids by 5% when avg position is better than 3. In this way you will be able to save some money.

Automated Ad group , Ad & Keyword status

Similarly when you are creating rule for pausing an ad group also create rule for enabling ad groups, and the same should be done for ad as well. The reason I have mentioned already. Hope this will help you J

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