Reliance Jio Chat Review

Reliance Just Launched Reliance Jio Chat (Messaging App)

We have done a quick brief review because you need to know if you should be using this. Lets talk about some extra features which you have never seen before –

  • Video calling -Reliance Jio chat app allows you to do video chat which so far was only allowed with hangout, Skype & Viber. Whatsapp and other messaging apps do allow calling option but video chat is the next level.
  • SMS – Remember Way2SMS? Reliance Jio chat app also allows user to send SMS to people who are not on Jio chat but there’s a limit which is 100 sms/month for all users which we believe is very low but still better than nothing.
  • Channel -Reliance Jio chat app also has few channels which you can follow to stay updated.
  • Contacts -Reliance Jio chat app shows all your contacts under contacts of this app and doesn’t wait till they come to Jio Chat.

Calling Review

We have tried the video calling and calling which worked pretty good. We used wifi and 3G both. Clarity of calling and video calling was good enough, in fact we were quite impressed by it. If you call someone, you can also add someone else to the same call and do a conference. The Video calling was smooth on wifi and 3G both. While other messaging app requires almost 600kb for calling, this app requires only 450kb which is again good.

SMS Review

Two major problems here

  1. The SMS gets delivered after 2-3 hours and not immediately
  2. It does not deliver the message directly, it tells the receiver that the sender has sent a message and if the receiver intends to receive it, he/she needs to reply “Y”. To me its a very complicated process and the probability of replying with a “Y” is very less.

Other Review

The look and feel of Reliance Jio chat app is average. You can send files and other stuffs to contacts which is expected. While cropping profile picture once you crop the image it should automatically increase so that you can crop better which doesn’t happen here which makes cropping a little difficult. You can change the background, which is cool. Though you have channels but we couldn’t find amazing content on those channels. We would have loved if they had some public chats like Viber.

Wise to migrate?

The one and only answer is whether your friends are there. Reliance Jio Chat app has better feature and once they launch Jio 4G in India, we are pretty sure they will try to promote Reliance Jio chat app but until and unless your friends are there, you wouldn’t go there, this is not very sensible but this is what happens. So the question comes to marketing and promoting. But is it wise to migrate from Whatsapp to Jio? We would say Yes but at the same time we believe Whatsapp will also have some cool features very soon and who knows Facebook integration, SMS and video calling can be part of their new updates.

Reliance Jio chat Rating: 3.5/5

Reliance Jio chat Review: Should give it a try, easy to use, video calling allowed

Download the Android app here and the IOS app here.

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