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Blinkist: An App For Life Long Learners

Do you love reading and learning from non-fiction books?

Or would you at least love to read it more often but run out of time throughout the day that you’re unable to keep up with that 20-40 min of daily reading recommendations by Tony Robbins, James Altucher, Ryan Holiday?

Then here’s an app that will help you exercise your brain and get your reading index higher day by day.

Introducing Blinkist

Blinkist is an app for tablets and smartphones that allows you to save time from reading the complete book from beginning to end without compromising on the important message of the book.

It condenses a non-fiction book to bite-sized compilation of chapters, called as ‘Blink’. The chapters do a great job to pass on the underlying content to you.

And it’s not a reason to stop reading books altogether, but a way to inspire yourself to get a taste of the sampler before you want to order the whole course.

Blinks aren’t meant to replace books. Blinks are made to be brief, so their very format keeps them from filling a book’s formidable (if imaginary) shoes.

You can select books in a wide array of topics viz, psychology, marketing, personal development, entrepreneurship, health, etc.

We read over 1,000 books per year for you and provide you with the most important facts – so you can do more, earn more and be more. All by spending less time reading.

Highly recommended to people who are passionate about life-long learning and want to instill their minds with invaluable knowledge that they can use in their personal lives to learn and grow.

Download Blinkist

The app is available for download in Apple itunes store and Google Play Store.

“Blinkist offers a terrific service – great ideas distilled down to their very essence. For those of us who are deeply curious about new ideas on success, happiness, innovation, progress and more, it’s a great start.” – Forbes

Give it a try with the three days free offer that allows you to scan and read through their huge list of non-fiction books.

Don’t want to pay?? You can still read one book a day that they offer you to access and read for free.

So what are you waiting for?

Go exercise your brain.

You were born curious. Start learning now!

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