How To Share Photos With Selected People In Instagram?

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If you love to capture the world through the lens of your camera, then you definitely be an avid Instagram user. With its amazing user interface, the app is just a delight to use. Not forgetting to mention, the filters it has which allows you to transform your image, giving it an artsy look. While you do love to share your travel, food, and other life adventures in instagram, it’s accessible for everyone to view. However, there can be moments when you want to share your pics with a selected few, Instagram just has the solution for you.

How To Share Photos With Selected People In Instagram?

1] Capture your image and run your artistic magic wand. 2] To share it with a selected few, click on ‘Direct’. 3] Now select the users from your friends list or include any username, with whom you want to share the image. Sharing photos with selected instagram users That’s it and you’re game. Now share your private-life moments with the selected few and don’t worry about it being accessible to the whole world. If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, had you ever noticed the ‘Direct’ feature? Follow me @ankurmans

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